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W.W. Law - Unsung Hero
A film about W.W. Law, a Savannah resident, postman, and civil rights leader. Historical background, excerpts from a letter he wrote, and filmmaker information.
Wattstax 2003
An overview of the content and process of updating the 1972 documentary "Wattstax" to include new footage and improved sound quality.
Welcome to the Dream
Artists and writers experience two to three times the rate of psychosis, suicide attempts, mood disorders, and substance abuse than do comparably successful people in business, science, and public life.
Whatever It Takes
Follows the students and staff during the inaugural year of the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. Synopsis, filmmaker information, trailer, and press kit. [Requires Flash]
Why We Fight
Eugene Jarecki's film about the anatomy of the American war machine, combining personal stories with commentary by military and political insiders. Winner of the 2005 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.
Wiktor: The Art of Survival
Follows the life of Wiktor Siminski, who was in a German concentration camp for over five years. Includes survivors' stories, photos and film information.
Wine: The Green Revolution
A documentary film about organic and biodynamic french wines.
Winning New Hampshire
A film about John Kerry's New Hampshire primary campaign, by William Rabbe and Mark Lynch. Synopsis, news, trailer, filmmaker biographies, production stills, and links.
With Wings and Roots
Explores the relationship to culture and identity of children of immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds in the United States and Germany. Synopsis, credits, trailer, photographs, blog, and links.
Wo Ai Ni Mommy
Documentary film about a Long Island, NY, family who adopted an eight-year-old Chinese girl.
World Largest
A documentary about small towns and big things - a look at people and their love of gigantic objects.
The World Without US
A Mitch Anderson film that debates what would happen should the United States close their military bases around the world. Trailers, image gallery, cast and crew profiles, media coverage, ordering information, and contact details.
The Wrecking Crew
A Denny Tedesco film about a little-known group of studio musicians who contributed to hundreds of chart-topping singles. Synopsis, trailer, song list, photographs, reviews, and links.
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