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The Singing Revolution
A James Tusty feature film about the Estonian struggle for liberation from the Soviet Union. Synopsis, trailer, reviews, history, background and music.
A film by Dr. Helen Smith about the Lillelid mass murder, the events that led up to it, and the many opportunities for prevention that were missed along the way. Synopsis, trailer, credits, photographs, reviews, and links.
Skin Deep
Dedicated to continuing and opening up the discussion initiated by SKIN DEEP, a 53 minute documentary film on college students confronting racism.
Smoke in the Eye
A 1996 investigation of the controversial "60 Minutes" profile on the tobacco industry. Synopsis, interviews, and links.
Soldiers of Paint
Profiles the annual Paintball recreation of the battle of Normandy, held just outside Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Synopsis, credits, news, trailer, and contact information.
The Sons of Eilaboun (أبناء عيلبون)
About the massacre, expulsion and return of a small Palestinian village in the Galilee during the 1948 war.
The Soviet Story
A film by Edvins Snore about the Soviet regime and its impact on modern Europe. Synopsis, cast and crew profiles, awards, screenings, distribution details, articles, photographs, and links.
Soy Andina
A Mitch Teplitsky film about Peru, dance and identity. Synopsis, screenings, production team, press kit and links, weblog, and links.
State of Rock
An Anthony Arkin film about Brooklyn-based rock band Girls of Porn. Synopsis, photographs, trailer, cast and crew biographies, PDF press kit, and contact information.
Steal This Film
Two documentaries covering the impact of file sharing and the movement against intellectual property. The movies are offered on BitTorrent along with subtitle files for various languages.
Strong Coffee: The Story of Café Femenino
A Sharron Bates film about coffee grown entirely by women farmers. Synopsis, trailer, press, screening information, credits, photographs, and links.
Singing Revolution takes the big screen
Interview about The Singing Revolution with filmmaker James Tusty. [Baltic Times] (February 07, 2007)
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