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A personal documentary about filmmaker Gabriela Bohm's journey through Eastern Europe, Israel, South America, and the United States to uncover her family's history. Synopsis, image gallery, credits, and ordering details.
People Say I'm Crazy
Feature film on an artist's struggle with schizophrenia. Synopsis, background information, screening details, and links.
People v The State of Illusion
A groundbreaking documentary film by Austin Vickers on quantum physics for those who like What The Bleep Do We Know, The Shadow Effect and other psychological movies.
Phenomenon Bruno Gröning, The
Explores the questions around 1949's "Miracle Healer". Film information, historical background, screening dates, multimedia, press kit, and links.
Pitch People
A look at individuals who try to sell products by demonstrating how they work. Reviews, trailer, screenings, credits, and press kit.
Play That, Teo
An Olana Digirolamo film about legendary jazz producer Teo Macero. Synopsis, history, filmmaker profiles, photographs, trailer, and contact details.
Feature film by Wes Hranchak about influences and trends in polka music.
Porn Star
Film about unlikely sex star Ron Jeremy. Synopsis, trailer, image gallery, message board, and links.
Praying with Lior
Film by Ilana Trachtman about a Jewish boy with Down's syndrome. Synopsis, background information, director's statement, cast and crew, screening details, review links, awards, resources, contacts, weblog, and links.
A Pretty Girl, a Horse and a Clown
A look at one collector of P.T. Barnum's Gilded Age belongings and circus antiques. Overview of the film, trailer, photographs, filmmaker biography, and comments.
Project Humanity 2.0
Explores the evolution in mankind in science and medicine. Synopsis, director's notes, and stills.
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