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H.H. Holmes, America's First Serial Killer
Information on John Borowski's documentary film about the case.
The Harbortown Bobber
Follows the ground-up build of Scott DiLalla's '69 bobber motorcycle. Film overview, photographs, and trailer.
Hearts and Minds
Review of Oscar-winning documentary about the Vietnam War directed by Peter Davis.
Hermann Nitsch
Documentary about the contemporary total artist Hermann Nitsch (Austria 1938), painter, writer, composer and performer, considered the founder of Viennese Actionism. Directed by Daniela Ambrosoli.
The Hidden Face of Homelessness
Feature film endeavours to look beyond the stereotypes of homelessness. Background information, trailer, reviews, screening details, and contact information.
A Home on the Range
Tells the story of Jews who fled Eastern Europe for California and ended up chicken ranching in Petaluma. Film information, filmmaker details, and links.
Hope Dies the Last
A Paul Kakert film about the children who had survived war in Kosovo and Uganda. Synopsis, trailer, and weblog.
Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry
Feature film exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. Synopsis, related news, screening information, credits, trailer, desktop wallpapers, and links.
The Hotel Upstairs
A documentary film by Daniel Baer about life in a San Francisco residential hotel.
Human Remains
Meant to illustrate the banality of evil by providing insight into the lives of five notorious dictators. Film information, review excerpts, screenings, and awards.
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