Classic movies are movies made more than 20 years ago which have stood the test of time, and classic stars are those who appeared in classic films. Focus is primarily on movies made during the "Golden Age" when the Hollywood studio system held sway from the introduction of sound to the late 1950s, but more recent films can also be considered classics if they continue to be viewed and talked about after two decades or more have gone by.

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Classic Movie Favorites
Lynn Dougherty's collection of tributes to classic movies, actresses, actors and directors of the 20s to the 60s includes biographies, filmographies, photo collections, and original graphics.
50 Years Too Late
A tribute to classic movies and music from a twenty-something who was born about 50 years too late.
Alan's Movie Haven
A brief history of film from the late 40s to the 90s, a review of the major Oscar winners since 1929, and a series of top ten lists.
Arabella and Co. Online Magazine
Dedicated "to the legendary stars of cinema's golden age," Arabella offers a series of articles about stars like Tyrone Power, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, James Cagney, Ingrid Bergman, Robert Mitchum, and Barbara Stanwyck, presented as an online magazine.
Class Act: Those Golden Movie Musicals
Tributes to the actors, actresses, musicals, and songs of the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals.
Classic Film and Television
Michael Grost offers an extensive, text-only collection of scholarly reviews and articles about film and television, and writers, directors and photographers in those media.
Classic Films
Classic films, B-movies and black Americans in early film. Bibliography, original articles and hundreds of images and audio clips.
Classic Movie Corner
Reviews and classic film information information on the classic films of the Golden Age of Hollywood from the 1930s - 1970s.
Dina Marie Kulzer's Classic Hollywood Biographies
Biographies of classic movie stars, plus vintage movie magazine covers and rare photographs.
Film Noir, Suspense and Classic Action Movies
Reviews of classic suspense and action movies by Hitchcock, Mann, and Sturges, plus articles about other classic movies topics.
Greatest Films
Detailed coverage of film genres, history and many classic films, including vintage movie posters.
Hollywood Movie Memories
Carl DiNello profiles notable films from the 1920s through the 1950s by genre. Includes brief introductory articles for each decade.
Reel Classics
Collection of classic movie star biographies, filmographies, sound bites, movie clips, articles and links to other classic pages.
Ginny Sayre's site consists of tributes to classic actors and actresses, including Judy Garland, Jane Powell, Nelson Eddy and Don Ameche, as well as teams like Hope and Crosby and the Andrews Sisters.
Short Sighted!
A collection of articles on Judy Garland, Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd, Ann Rutherford, The Vitaphone Project, Charley Chase, June Preisser, Culver City, Hal Roach and the Little Rascals, as well as yearly coverage of Cinefest.

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