For the purposes of this category, independent films are films which have been produced using professional equipment and media, with serious artistic or technical intent, but which have not been widely released. For example, film school final projects that have won awards, film festival films, and the spare-time projects of professional film personnel.
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The Sacred
Horror film about five university students who unleash the dead on an ancient patch of land in the Florida swamps. Synopsis, trailers, cast and crew, photographs, weblog, and links.
Say It in Russian
A romantic thriller by Jeff Celentano about a divorce attorney who ends up in danger after pursuing a Russian woman he met. Synopsis, photographs, credits, trailer, screenings, production notes, and news.
Shades of Day
Official site. Synopsis, cast and crew biographies, multimedia, critic's quotes, and investment information.
Shadow Raven
Martial arts independent film from producers Frank Zanca and John Campbell. Card game, products, photographs, and newsletter.
Sirens of the 23rd Century
Neoclassical science fiction fairy tale spoof. Cast and crew, gallery, trailer, media, and links [requires Flash].
Souler Opposite
Romantic comedy. Press kit, photographs, trailer, screenings, interview, reviews, and links.
SPAM: The Movie
Fan club with related links, news, and photos.
Spoiler Alert
Black comedy by David Rakowiecki about a film director who decides to take revenge on a movie news website owner. Cast and crew information, synopsis, poster, production notes, trailer, photographs, reviews, and links.
Starship II
Fan site for the upcoming film about three outcasts in space. News archive, photographs, and links.
Strength and Honor
A Mark Mahon film about a man who is forced into bare-knuckle boxing to save his son's life. Synopsis, credits, screenings, awards, production notes, and press links. [Requires Flash and plays music that can't be stopped.]
Suicide Dolls
A film by Keith L. Shaw about two high school students who make a suicide pact. Synopsis, cast and crew, photographs, trailer, and news.
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