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Reference to idea development, screenplay writing, production, and distribution. Also offers a guide to film schools, newsletter, podcast, and links.
Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made?
Annenberg Media exhibit which presents the moviemaking process, with modules on screenwriting, directing, producing, acting, and editing.
Dogma 2001: New Rules for Internet Cinema
Ten rules to follow when creating internet cinema rather than a film for film festivals.
DVFilm's Digital Video to Film Transfer FAQ
The top ten questions asked by beginning digital filmmakers: how to shoot digital video tape for transfer to either 35mm or 16mm film.
Film Secrets
An educational resource for indie film-makers, including those with little to no film training.
Cinema projection tips, equipment manual downloads, projection picture warehouse and a forum for film handlers.
Offers tutorials and manuals in PDF format. Also includes links to software and screenplays.
An ever-growing compendium of filmmaking help, pointers, advice, and mistakes from award-winning writer and director Greg Pak.
Tutorials, videos, and interviews covering all aspects of production, including screenwriting, distribution, and funding sources. Includes a forum and links.
Filmmaking Stuff
Producer Jason Brubaker's weblog with articles covering production, networking, writing, funding, and marketing.
Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Motivation
First in a series of articles to guide independent filmmakers without studio backing to a successful completion of their film.
How To Make Your Movie
Interactive CD-ROM that simulates the environment of a film school, allowing users to learn about and experience all of the steps involved in making their own films.
Independent Film Advice
Brief tutorials and links for all aspects of production.
Outside Hollywood
Isaac Botkin's weblog on independent filmmaking tools and techniques. Articles and links. FAQ
FAQ for the newsgroup :
So You Wanna Work in Movies?
A real-life guide to working in feature films. Written by Oliver Stapleton, a cinematographer with 28 years experience and 40 features behind him.
Sonnyboo: Articles on Filmmaking
22 articles to help beginning moviemakers and digital video enthusiasts.
Weblog chronicling projects in video work and moviemaking. Includes photographs, instructions, and video clips.
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