This category is for websites of print publications with content related to the arts, but not strictly literary in nature.

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The Art Newspaper
News of events in and affecting the world of visual arts. A network of five print papers with separate editorial offices in London, New York, Turin, Paris, Madrid and Athens. Full articles, forum, and art-related employment advertising.
Dedicated to art and its international market, over 11,000 pages of news, biographies, analyses, comments and features in English and French
News and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts, with a contemporary focus. Includes world news, critics' picks, live symposia, interviews, archives, event calendar, and links to related sites.
Artis Spectrum
New York-based publication in collaboration with Agora Gallery. Provides listings and reviews of current exhibitions.
Social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate.
Aspen Magazine
Archive of the multimedia magazine of the arts published from 1965 to 1971. Includes audio and video exhibits of all of the sound and film material from each issue, as well as the printed materials.
Representing a collective of practising artists and makers.
Cakewalk Magazine
Art, music, film, and sometimes the natural sciences. Contents of current and past issues.
Canadian Art
Quarterly with articles on Canadian and international visual art, a national guide to exhibitions and events in the visual arts, and book reviews. Current issue and exhibition calendars by region.
Visual arts magazine designed to serve the art buyer and gallery visitor. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography. Images, comments and articles from current issue.
Clique Magazine
Intelligent comment, music, fashion, photography, film, and theatre. PDF and information on the print version.
Diamondpaper is made with the objective of presenting a variety of artistic ideas in a large format edition brochure.
Filled with stories, poems, and drawings by people in all walks of life. It is enjoyable, and not afraid to be thought-provoking.
A twice-yearly journal featuring aspects of the contemporary cultural landscape from artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other creative professionals.
FOUND magazine
Photographs of found objects. Images and RealAudio samples, and they accept actual found objects by mail.
Contemporary art, literature, and architecture. Includes the Frieze 100 - the hundred best shows around the world, artists' projects, a German language area, news and reviews.
Writing that examines the relationship between political issues and contemporary art and culture. Selected articles from current and past issues and index of archives.
A magazine dedicated to provoking thought on politics and philosophy, art and love. Sample articles from the print version, orders for subscriptions and single issues, and submission information.
The Hill Magazine
Arts and Literature magazine based in Cambridge University.
International Gallerie
Semiannual of the visual arts, music, photography, theatre and other performing arts, and travel. Includes abstracts and extracts from current and archived issues.
Bimonthly magazine that's eclectic, slightly eccentric, cross-border, and international in content. Articles from the current issue and the archives, advertiser information, and how to subscribe.
Articles and reviews of grassroots arts and culture in Liverpool and its surroundings.
New Mexico Santos
A quarterly focusing on Hispanic art and culture in the American Southwest. Contents of back issues, event calendar, discussion of travelling exhibit.
Reasononline: Culture
A collection of articles from the libertarian magazine examining culture and its relationship to society.
Dedicated to promoting artistic and literary works by and about Asian Americans. Articles, gallery, and news.
A project for musicians, artists, writers, and the rest of the creative community based in Kent, Ohio. Includes online version of current issue, links and contact data for artists mentioned, and publication information.
Tanbou / Tambour
A trilingual Haitian journal of political and literary studies. Articles from current and past issues.
Scottish-based arts and culture publication which aims at examining arts in a social context. Includes archived articles from the free printed tabloid format.
World Newspapers: Art Magazines
Directory provides links to art magazines with free online content.
World of Art
Featured articles include profiles of artists and galleries, updates on art literature and materials, show reviews, gallery news and event schedules, and reporting on the arts, personalities, trends, and events.
X-Tra Online
Quarterly journal published to promote and provoke critical discourse about contemporary visual art in Los Angeles, and beyond. Includes selected articles and information on organization, donations, and advertising.
offering a varied selection of pieces covering art, literature, poetry, and cultural aesthetics.
Academic journal of contemporary Chinese art and culture published quarterly. Essays on topical matters, conferences, exhibitions and books.
Collaborative exchange and interdisciplinary viewpoints about the arts. Current and past articles, multimedia presentations, chat.

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