This category is for online publications that cover several types of arts. It is not for general online publications or ones that specialize exclusively in one art form alone.

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Dada magazine founded in 1917, now engineering post-dadaist viral mindshare.
Art Villa
The rules are simple. This e-zine welcomes submissions about poetry, music, art, cats, and dogs.
Arts & Opinion
Aims to give greater exposure to undervalued and under appreciated deserving men and women in the arts.
Arts Journal
Daily arts news from more than 100 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.
BBC Online Arts
Includes poetry, digital arts, arts news, and audio biographies from top artists.
A e-zine of visual and conceptual exchange, this site covers philosophy, visual art, literary, and shared life experiences.
European guide to arts and leisure worldwide
Drunken Boat
A big selection of poetry, web art, prose, and sound ranging from the quirky to the somber.
An elegant webzine of art, humor, and criticism featuring essays, memoirs, fiction, humor, relationship advice, photography, and music.
Intrepid Media
Portal and podium for creative people; writers, musicians, graphic artists, publishers, or producers.
Art, architecture, music, painting and photography are all represented here.
Ishmael Reed Publications: Konch and Vines
Pre-eminent African American literary figure, Ishmael Reed, lends his name to two e-zines features many different authors of science fiction, poems, and articles.
It's Art Baby! Art!
Online art and artist magazine. "Art for the new Millennium."
Online magazine of literature, visual arts and ideas.
An eclectic mix of political analysis and strong opinion, art and music reviews, fiction, poetry, and much high weirdness. According to its editor: "we're no better or worse than any other site, and we have no particular editorial policy apart from a strong preference for good, interesting writing."
Book, film, and music reviews, and interviews.
The Open Road
A now defunct free e-mail e-zine by Todd Kuipers which provided reviews and summaries of other newsletters. Archive of previous reviews is still available.
OZ Artzine
An Australian free monthly arts e-mailed magazine of visual arts. Contributions are invited.
Resource Library Magazine
Site has information on sponsorships, exhibits, cameos of art collections, biographies of distinguished artists and columnists.
The Scream Online
Quarterly e-zine for art, photography, and a diverse range of literature spanning poetry, short stories, essays, humor, and commentaries. Derived its name from Edvard Munch's painting The Scream.
Scribe Weekly
Film, television and music reviews. Three day UK weather forecast, recipes and travel features.
Movie and music reviews, interviews, news and contests.
Monthly online magazine with sections on art, transportation, health, self, Earth, and travel.
A Manhattan-based arts and entertainment publication.
Think Magazine
A magazine about music, art, fashion and modern urban culture, with an eye to covering interesting new trends
Thunder Chunky
Design competitions, interviews and reviews music, design and film.
Turk's Head Review
Running weblog, fiction, poetry, art, reviews of books and music, threads and knots of semantic strings.

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