Ian Rankin is a 20th century crime writer. He is most famous for his Inspector Rebus series of books and short stories, but has also written novels involving other protagonists.

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Ian Rankin
Author's official site. Gives biography, list of published books with details of each, recent news, mailing list form, links, and contact information.
Bookreporter.com: Ian Rankin
Provides a biography, an interview, a bibliography, and commentary on some of the novels.
British Council Literature: Ian Rankin
Has a biography, bibliography, list of awards, and a critical essay on the novels.
Guardian Unlimited: A Life in Crime
Author's thoughts on modern crime writing. He also gives a summary of crime fiction in the last 150 years.
Guardian Unlimited: Complete Short Stories
Reviews stories in the collection, as well as providing a general introduction to short story writing.
Guardian Unlimited: Secrets and Lies: The Impossible World of DI John Rebus
Article on the author's main character. It also includes background on the writing of the novels.
Hackwriters.com: Resurrection Men
Gives plot and commentary, as well as views on Rebus.
Imdb.com: Ian Rankin
Has list of author's television appearances as well as film adaptations of his novels.
Imdb.com: Rebus: Black and Blue (2000) (TV)
Offers a list of the cast, along with reader comments and feedback.
Imdb.com: Rebus: Dead Souls (2001) TV
Provides details of the cast, a plot summary, and reader comments.
Imdb.com: Rebus: Mortal Causes (2001) (TV)
A cast list, trivia note, and reader reviews are offered.
Imdb.com: Rebus: The Hanging Garden (2000) (TV)
User comments and reviews are provided, along with a complete list of the cast.
Inspector Rebus Group
Yahoo club for discussion of the books and TV series. Also has bibliography and a photo.
Januarymagazine.com: Ian Rankin
Gives interview, discussing crime writing and the background to some of the novels. Also has an author profile.
Spikemagazine.com: Dead Souls
Review of the novel by Gary Marshall. Also shows picture of the cover.
Twbooks: Ian Rankin
Includes author profile, introductions to the works, ordering details, articles and a bibliography.
The Scotsman: Locating the City's Rebus Role
Tells of the locations where the latest Rebus television series will be shot. (January 03, 2006)
The Scotsman: New Man On the Case to Pound the Rebus Beat
Profile and background of Ken Stott, who plays Rebus in the latest television series. Also includes parts of an interview with him. (January 02, 2006)
Scotsman: Rebus Story Ends Happily for City Charity
Tells of the sale of copies of a signed Rebus short-story to raise money for a Scottish charity. (November 03, 2005)
Scotsman: Opening the File On Life Without Rebus
Discusses the author's plans for the last two Rebus novels, as well as the former's activities in the meantime. (October 24, 2005)
Scotsman:Prime Suspect
A lengthy article by the author about the new housing development named after him, as well as a discussion of the housing of his childhood and that of his character Rebus. (September 18, 2005)
Scotsman: Rankin Novels Fail to Detect High Bidders
Describes the auction of several first edition Rebus novels, and the prices fetched for them. (August 27, 2005)
iafrica.com:The Magic of Edinburgh
Gives a description of some of the places and sights that the author used in several of his Rebus novels. (July 14, 2005)
Bookslut: An Interview With Ian Rankin
Author explains the background to several of his novels, crime writing, the Rebus character, his musical interests, and the city of Edinburgh. (July 01, 2005)
BBC: Crime Author Rankin's Stage Role
Gives details of live musical and storytelling performances by the author and Jackie Leven. (March 24, 2005)
Guardian Unlimited: Set In Darkness
Offers a summary of the novel's plot. (March 03, 2000)

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