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Amir Khusro
(or Khusrau). Thirteenth century sufi poet who wrote and sang in several languages.
Arrival 1946
A poem by Moniza Alvi.
Bilal Sarwar`s Poems
Young poet's work using animation and real audio.
Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Official site of the Faiz Foundation with information about the Urdu poet and his work, and also about the Foundation.
Four Poems by Munir Niazi
These poems have been translated from Punjabi into English by Sain Sucha. (Click on VKF Web, next on English/Engelska under Poetry/Poesi, and then on Niazi's "Four Poems".)
Habib Jalib: Ten Poems
From Urdu and Punjabi, these are poems of late 1960s and early 1970s by this "People's Poet". Original text is given alongside in roman script.
Mermaid by Moniza Alvi
A recent poem by a poet of Pakistani origin.
Muhammad Iqbal
Presentation of the poet's verses with text available in Urdu, Persian, English and Arabic.
Parveen Shakir: Five Poems
First English translations of these poems from Cipher Journal.
Parveen Shakir: Where Am I?
English and German translations of two Urdu poems by Parveen Shakir.
Poems of Nasir Kazmi
English translations of the Urdu ghazals of Nasir Kazmi.
Sahar Ansari and Parveen Shakir
Poetry by Sahar Ansari and Parveen Shakir translated into English by Alamgir Hashmi, in Wilderness House Literary Review (USA), 4:1. [PDF]
Urdu Poetry
The blog have classical, funny and modern poetry from different language from Pakistan.
World of Urdu Poetry
A wide selection of Urdu poetry, with script download facility.
Zeeshan Sahil
Sahil's "Bookworms" has been translated from his Urdu text. [PDF]
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