Much of Indian literature is based on this great epic story of northern India. The story is centered around the dynastic struggle for the throne of the kingdom of Hastinapura, and it spans several generations of the descendants of King Kuru. Many other stories and some scriptures have come to be embedded within it. The authorship is traditionally attributed to Vyasa, also known as Krishna Dvaipayana, who is also grandfather to some of the principal characters.

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Epics of India
Contains an abridged but complete version of Mahabharata. Also includes a summary of the epic.
The Great Epic of India
Scholarly resources. Includes a list of the principal mordern sources with commentaries on each, as well as a brief synopsis.
The Mahabharat Chronology
The site describes the Vedic calendar and then gives the dates for the important events of the Mahabharata based on that calendar, thus giving a time frame to the epic and the ages of the characters at the various events.
The complete text of Chakravarti Rajagopalachari's retelling of the story, as a single online PDF file. [PDF]
The Mahabharata
Complete electronic copy of the work. Based on John Smith's revision of Prof. Muneo Tokunaga's version of the text, checked at the Bhandarkar Institute, Pune. Requires registration and login.
The Mahabharata and the Sindhu-Sarasvati Tradition
Discusses the evidence and the possibilities for placing the basic story in the third to fifth millenia before the Christian era. By Subhash Kak. [PDF]
Mahabharata Resources
Provides resources on the epic, including Sanskrit text, translations, studies, commentaries, and derivative works.
Mahabharata Tatparyam Nirnaya
Download text, and information about one of the oldest commentaries on the Mahabharata.
Mahabharata: the Great Epic of India
Includes an introduction and a synopsis, a list of English translations of the epic. Also has discussions of what dharma is, and of the complex dilemmas faced by the heroes and villains of the story.
Sacred-Texts: Hinduism
The complete text of the translation by Kisan Mohan Ganguli.
A Wonder of Ancient India: The Mahabharata
A brief summary of the purpose and meaning of the work by Nhilde Davidson.
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