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"Unaccommodated man" and His Discontents in King Lear: Edmund the Bastard and Interrogative Puns
Anthony Gilbert engages structuralist theory, suggesting that the connection between signifier and signified is loosened and exposed as arbitrary, allowing for alternative interpretations of the sense.
The Character of Kent in King Lear
By Donald LaGreca. First published in the Spring 1986 Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter.
Enjoying King Lear
Lear-related information, compiled by Ed Friedlander M.D.
King Lear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plot Summary, Character Lists, Sources, History, Film Adaptations, and further links.
King Lear Beyond Reason: Love and Justice in the Family
Essay regarding the conflict within the parent/child relationship as exemplified in King Lear.
King Lear in Its Own Time: The Difference that Death Makes
Ben Ross Schneider, Jr. suggests that "one way of bridging the gap between us and Shakespeare might be to imagine what it was like to live under the material conditions determining human existence in Shakespeare's time and deducing what the moral consequences of these conditions might be."
King Lear Text: presented by Dr. Larry A. Brown
Full text, with annotations and explanation of the two major texts traditions.
Lear: From Study to Stage
Bryan N. S. Gooch reviews the James Ogden and Arthur H. Scouten book.
The Lunar Calendar of Shakespeare's King Lear
Steve Sohmer argues that "textual evidence in the Q1 Lear suggests that the play was purpose-written (or substantially revised) for performance before King James I on 26 December 1606." King Lear
History and analysis of the play.
Titles from King Lear
A list of book and play titles derived from King Lear.
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