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Bartleby: Shakespeare
Scene-indexed HTML of the complete works. Searchable database.
Bibliomania: William Shakespeare
Full text plays in HTML format. Links to annotated guides and articles.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Features comedy, history, tragedy and poetry.
Internet Public Library: Shakespeare Bookshelf
Links to the plays and sonnets at Bartleby.
Literature Network: Shakespeare
Scene-indexed HTML of the complete works. Search feature and biographical information.
MIT: Complete Shakespeare
Scene-indexed HTML of the plays.
Monologue Archive: Shakespeare
Monologues extracted from the plays.
Open Source Shakespeare
The complete works of Shakespeare, a powerful search mechanism, a concordance, and statistical analysis of the texts.
Read Print: William Shakespeare
Complete works of Shakespeare in searchable format.
Renascence Editions: Shakespeare
HTML of the complete works.
RhymeZone: Shakespeare
Scene-indexed HTML of the complete works. Searchable database.
Shakespeare Defined
Complete works in HTML with 400,000+ in-context definitions (mouse-over).
A Shakespeare Glossary
By C. T. Onions.
Shakespeare Spinoffs
A bibliography arranged by source play.
Shakespeare, the Character
A bibliography of works in which Shakespeare is a character.
A Shakespearean Grammar
Differences between Elizabethan and modern day grammar; images of pages from the first folio, by E. A. Abbott.
Utah Education Network Shakespeare Resources
Resources include lesson plans and study guides.
William Shakespeare
The plays in English and German, attributed plays, and selected sonnets.
William Shakespeare - the Complete Works
Biography, plays, sonnets, poems and quotes, quiz and forum.
William Shakespeare Online
Plays, plot summaries, essays, life and times, and downloads of public domain books on Shakespeare.
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