Allreaders William Shakespeare Spotlight
Short reviews of selected plays.
Alternative Shakespeares Volume 2
Mark Dooley reviews the Terence Hawkes book.
English Drama 1586-1642: The Age of Shakespeare
Glen Mynott reviews the G.K. Hunter book.
Hamlet: The Undiscovered Country by Steve Roth
Book discussing unresolved issues in the play.
An Internet Shakespeare
A paper written by Michael Best of the University of Victoria.
Leavis on Shelley and Shakespeare
A brief comparison of some lines from "The Cenci" with lines from "Measure for Measure".
Materialist Shakespeare: A History
David Siar reviews the Ivo Kamps book.
Poetry and the Realm of Politics: Shakespeare to Dryden
Robert C. Evans reviews the Howard Erskine-Hill book.
The Public-Domain Shakespeare
A paper by Ian Lancashire of the Department of English University of Toronto.
Representing Shakespeare: England, History and the RSC
Michael Scott reviews the Robert Shaughnessy book.
The Secret of Shakespeare's Irish Sympathies
An essay on Shakespeare's personal life, by Charles Wisner Barrell.
Shakespear Navigators: Shakespearean Tragedy by A. C. Bradley
Complete text of the classic of criticism. Includes author information.
Shakespeare and Freudian Theory
An investigation of Freud's theory and family relationships in Shakespeare, especially in Hamlet and Titus Andronicus.
Shakespeare in Connotations
Complete list of contributions to the first seven volumes. Highlighted articles and responses available online.
Shakespeare the Historian
David Hale reviews the Paola Pugliatti book.
Shakespeare the Player: A Life in the Theatre
A review of the John Southworth book.
Shakespeare, Spenser, and the Crisis in Ireland
Tracey Hill reviews two books: Shakespeare, Spenser, and the Crisis in Ireland, by Christopher Highley; Spenser's Irish Experience: Wilde Fruite and Salvage Soyl, Andrew Hadfield.
The Shakespearean Marriage: Merry Wives and Heavy Husbands
Anita Pacheco reviews the Lisa Hopkins book.
Shaksper: Global Shakespeare Conference
Provides reference materials, new papers, a listserv, and scholarly criticism on new works.
Was Shakespeare an Atheist?
We will never know. You can find hints that he may have been, or at least that he wasn't totally fond of religion and its orthodox practitioners, from his plays.
William Shakespeare the Upstart Crow
Provides details of the attack on the Bard by Robert Greene in his pamphlet the Groatsworth of Wit, which was published in 1592.
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