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A research blog pertaining to the digital study of Shakespeare's works and early modern drama in general.
Biographical Index of English Drama Before 1660
This index is a complete annotated list of all playwrights, actors, patrons, musicians, and miscellaneous other people active in English drama before 1660. Each entry contains basic information about the person's dates and dramatic activities, along with a list of books and articles containing biographical information. This index was a precursor to the Biographical Dictionary of English Drama Before 1660, which contains fuller information and narrative biographies for each person.
CRRS | Web Resources
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto Look for resources for British Renaissance Drama in both the "Renaissance" and "Resources" sections.
DEEP : Database of Early English Playbooks
DEEP is a database that provides information about Early Modern playbooks,including paratextual, bibliographic, and theatrical details about the original sources.
DICER: Known Variants List
A database of known variants in early modern printed materials such as Renaissance playbooks.
Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT)
EMLoT features a database of pre-1642 records pertaining to eight London theatres north of the Thames. No play texts are included. Version 2 aims to include theatres south of the Thames.
English Broadside Ballad Archive (UCSB)
A database of seventeenth-century English broadside ballads containing transcriptions and facsimile copies of the originals which are fully searchable.
Folger Digital Texts
A source for reliable, expertly edited and encoded Shakespeare texts based on the Folger Shakespeare editions in print.
Henslowe-Alleyn: Home
The Archive of Dulwich College in London, England, holds thousands of pages of manuscripts left to the College by its founder, the eminent actor Edward Alleyn (1566-1626). This archive includes his personal and professional papers and those he inherited from his father-in-law Philip Henslowe (d. 1616). As a group, these manuscripts comprise the largest and most important single extant archive of material on the professional theatre and dramatic performance in early modern England, the age of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson, Middleton, Heywood, Dekker, Chettle, and so many of their contemporaries and colleagues.
Internet Shakespeare Editions
Edited editions of Shakespeare's plays specifically made for the web.
Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Iter, meaning a journey or a path in Latin, is dedicated to the advancement of learning in the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) through the development and distribution of online resources.
LEME: Lexicons of Early Modern English
Database of early modern lexicons and useful for reading Renaissance drama which does not have extensive glosses
Locating London's Past
Search a wide body of digital resources relating to early modern and eighteenth-century London, and to map the results on to a fully GIS compliant version of John Rocque's 1746 map. Good for locating Renaissance dramatic playhouses.
Map of Early Modern London (MoEML)
MoEML maps the streets, sites, and significant boundaries of late sixteenth-century and early seventeenth-century London, provides a library of markup texts rich in London references, and includes databases of sources and people.
Open Source Shakespeare
Perform detailed searches on Shakespeare's complete works, look up words in the concordance, and display all of a character's speeches, among other useful things.
Poculi Ludique Societas
Sponsors of productions of early English drama from the Medieval period to the 17th century.
Records of Early English Drama Project
Web resources for theatre history, with annotated links arranged by subject.
Shakespeare Authorship
A website dedicated to the proposition that William Shakespeare wrote "Shakespeare's" works
The Shakespeare Quartos Archive
The Shakespeare Quartos Archive is a digital collection of pre-1642 editions of William Shakespeare's plays including a Hamlet prototype consisting of thirty-two copies of the first five editions of the play.
The Stationers' Register
The complete dramatic works of Christopher Marlowe, with casting grids and graphs for scene selection and analysis.
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