During the Old English period writers created a variety of prose works such as homilies, saint's lives, histories, and tales of adventure. Among the great Old English prose writers are Aelfric, Wulfstan, and King Alfred.

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Anglo-Saxon Dooms, 560-975
Modern English translation of the laws of the Anglo-Saxon kings through Edgar (959-975). The Mercian and North People's laws are also translated. Includes glossaries.
Anglo-Saxon Law: Extracts From Early Laws of the English.
Provides modern English translations of excerpts from important legal documents.
Anglo-Saxon Penitentials: A Cultural Database
Contains texts and translations of the Anglo-Saxon handbooks of penance. A cultural index lists categories like animals, emotions, and food and quotes passages from the handbooks that refer to each category.
Anglo-Saxon Women Before the Law
Andrew Rabin's student edition of five Old English lawsuits concerning women. Includes detailed introduction, notes, and glossary.
Apollonius of Tyre
Excerpt from Old English text, with words hot-linked to glossary.
Apollonius of Tyre
Old English text and modern English translation by Benjamin Thorpe.
Blickling Homilies
Modern English translation by R. Morris. [PDF]
Blickling Homily X - The End of this World is Near
Old English text and modern English translation by R. Morris.
Electronic Sawyer
A searchable, browsable catalog of extant Anglo-Saxon charters, based on the printed work by Peter Sawyer. Each entry summarizes the contents of the charter, lists the manuscripts that contain the charter, and cites any printed editions, translations, and commentaries. Some entries include the text of the charter and a modern English translation of the text.
Kemble: the Anglo-Saxon Charters Website
Contains online resources for the study of Anglo-Saxon charters. Work in progress.
Laws of Æthelberht: a Student Edition
An edition of the Old English text by Lisi Oliver. Includes detailed introduction, notes, and glossary.
Legend of St. Andrew
Old English text.
Letter of Alexander to Aristotle
Modern English translation by Andy Orchard.
Life of St. Christopher
Modern English translation by Aaron Hostetter.
St. Mary of Egypt
Linda Cantara's textual study of an Old English prose saint's life. Compares and contrasts two versions of the life and describes variant readings in three major categories: spelling, vocabulary, and syntax. Also touches on religious, cultural, and literary aspects of the life.
Wonders of the East
Excerpt from the Old English text. Each word is hot-linked to a glossary entry.
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