The web offers a number of Old English dictionaries. These dictionaries give the modern English words that translate Old English words, and vice versa.
Bosworth-Toller Dictionary
"An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary" by Joseph Bosworth, edited and enlarged by T. N. Toller. Each page of the main volume and supplement volume is available in HTML, TIFF, and PNG formats.
Bosworth-Toller Dictionary
A fully searchable version of the dictionary.
Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
The pages of J.R. Clark Hall's dictionary are available in TIFF, PNG, and HTML formats. A publication of the Germanic Lexicon Project.
Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
A dictionary by J.R. Clark Hall. Project Gutenberg e-book.
Dictionary of Old English Plant Names
Online dictionary of Old English plant names and botanical terms. Work in progress.
Dictionary of Old English Project at the University of Toronto
Explains the purpose of the dictionary and the methods used to build it. Includes a list of DOE publications, DOE research tools, yearly progress reports, and links to other dictionaries, projects, and resources. Also provides limited free access to DOE entries and the DOE Corpus after a registration step.
Electronic Application of an Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
An electronic version of the Bosworth-Toller Dictionary with extensive search capabilities. Application must be downloaded before it can be used.
EOW Old English Translator
Online tool that translates single Old English words to their modern English equivalents, and vice versa. The tool is named Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc or EOW.
Historical Thesaurus of English
Database contains almost every word in English, from the Old English period to the present. Search engine enables users to enter a word and see the whole compass of its meanings throughout its history. Users can also see synonyms of the word and its relationship to words with broader or narrower meaning.
Learning with the Online Thesaurus of Old English
Shows how to use the Thesaurus of Old English. Contains 14 learning units: four introductory essays and ten interactive sessions.
Old English Core Vocabulary
A list of some 500 Old English words which can be regarded as a literary core vocabulary. Each word is followed by its part of speech and its modern English definition.
Old English Flash Cards
1500 Old English words with their modern English equivalents. [PDF]
Old English in the OED
Explains the treatment of Old English words and quotations in the Oxford English Dictionary. By Anthony Esposito of the OED.
Old English Introductory Glossary
Contains over one hundred basic Old English words with their modern English equivalents.
Old English Language Dictionary
Contains both an Old English to modern English lexicon and a modern English to Old English lexicon.
Old English Translator
Online tool that translates words from Old English to Modern English and vice versa. Dictionary
Gives modern English equivalents of Old English words.
Online Etymology Dictionary
Enables lookup of etymologies of more than 30,000 modern English words. Useful for determining whether a modern English word is descended from Old English.
Online Thesaurus of Old English
This database allows users to go directly to an entry without the need to refer to an index or grasp the overall structure of the thesaurus. Types of searches include Old English word searches, modern English word searches, browse searches, phrase searches, and searches on flags indicating restricted occurrence.
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