A great number of literary and historical studies of the Beowulf poem exist, including online studies. This category lists online studies.
Anthropological and Cultural Approaches to Beowulf
Collection of articles from the online journal "The Heroic Age." These articles treat the poem from the standpoint of anthropology and culture studies.
Beowulf: A National Poem
Provides a literary history of the poem. Covers Scandinavian traditions, the personality of the hero, the origin and antiquity of the poem, and the religious element. Also provides a section-by-section summary of the poem.
Beowulf: An Introduction to the Study of the Poem
A study of Beowulf and the Battle of Finnsburh by R.W. Chambers. Project Gutenberg e-book.
Christianity in Beowulf
Explains the Christian element in the poem and shows how the Beowulf poet interprets pagan concepts in Christian terms. By Rich Lawson.
Indogermanic Shruti and Christian Smriti in Beowulf
Argues that Beowulf is not in essence a Christian poem, but rather a reflection of the values of a Germanic heroic society. By Benjamin Slade
Linguistic and Literary Contexts of Beowulf
Studies Beowulf in the context of ancient Germanic literature. Includes images, study questions, and excerpts from related Germanic texts.
Seamus Heaney on Beowulf
An introduction to and interpretation of the Beowulf poem by Seamus Heaney, together with a description of the principles underlying his famous translation of the poem.
Thinking About Beowulf: Ten Years Later
Offers a psychological interpretation of the poem. Expands on the ideas in James W. Earl's book "Thinking about Beowulf." By Eileen A. Joy.
Warriors, Wyrms, and Wyrd: The Paradoxical Fate of the Germanic Hero/King in Beowulf
Interprets the Beowulf poem in mythological terms. By Kevin J. Wanner.
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