Individual researchers' web sites, containing ideas, publications, links or other useful information.
Bernstein, Mark
Developer of hypertext software (notably Storyspace and Tinderbox) and hypertext theorist, publisher and editor. Weblog, links to publications.
Blustein, Jamie
Scholarly resources on hypertext, including advice for students), publications, bookmark index, personal information, non-scholarly resources, off-line activities, address.
Bolter, Jay David
Author of two influential books in hypertext theory: Writing Space (1991) and Remediation (1998, with Richard Grusin). Publications and teaching syllabi.
Cole, William
Has researched hypertext in relation to the Talmud. Includes a CV and list of publications.
Deena Larsen's Hypertext and Electronic Literature Corner
General introduction, list of hypertexts categorized by the time needed to enjoy each one, recommended webzines, and Larsen's own hypertext fiction.
Greco Josefowicz, Diane
She has published hypertext fictions and theory, and has worked as a hypertext editor at Eastgate. Her weblog comments hypertext and related fields and has links to her other work.
Johnson-Eilola, Johndan
Recent publications and conference presentations, course notes, weblog.
Luesebrink, Marjorie (also known as M. D. Coverley)
Hypertext theorist and author, whose site contains most of her fictional and theoretical work.
Marshall, Cathy
Developer, theorist and hypertext fiction author whose research is in the fields of annotation, spatial hypertext and e-books. Several publications available here.
Picot, Edward
Articles about and criticism of hyperliterature and links to other related sites.
Rosenberg, Jim
Hypertext theorist and author of spatial hypertext poems. Links to both theory and artistic work, and a bibliography of offline work.
Walker, Jill
jill/txt is Jill Walker's weblog or research diary about hypertext fiction, electronic texts, net art, net literature, MUDs and MOOs, computer games and cyberculture.
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