The lives and works of well-known poets whose poetry has been published in book form.

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Adams, Ayin
Award-winning member of Academy of American Poets and the Detroit Black Writer's Guild, Hawaii-based lesbian writer. RealAudio readings and CD sales, short film directing credits.
Agha Shahid Ali
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, poems, and links.
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography with photograph, poem, and links.
Armando Garcis Davila
Biography, publications in English and Spanish, poetry samples, and appearance dates.
Aylen, Leo
Biography and bibliography of this poet, actor, film and TV director and broadcaster.
Balaban, John
A short autobiography, interviews, poetry, books and book reviews,and information about Ho Xuan Huong.
Barnes, Keith
Site information compiled by Jacqueline Starer. Includes pictures, biography, selected poems. Site language in English and French.
Bass, Ellen
Samples of her poetry, list of published works, calendar of events, information on workshops and consultations, and a mailing list.
Bell Jar
Jo Bell is a poetry freelancer, working on commissions, projects and courses all over the UK. Includes activities and events as well as profile.
Bertolino, James
Includes biography, editing and mentoring details, listing of publications and selected poetry.
Bilgere, George
Poems, book links, biography, and news.
Bohrn, Jonathan
Author's site collects his L.A.-area spoken-word poetry readings and published material in themed collections from 1998 to present.
Brackenbury, Alison
Biographical details, and samples of prose by the poet.
Bunting, Basil
SUNY Electronic Poetry Center entry - Photos of the poet, external links to poems and articles.
Bunting, Basil
The Basil Bunting Poetry Centre at the University of Durham sponsors research about the modernist poet. Contains information about him and some of his poetry.
Bunting, Basil - Review of "Basil Bunting On Poetry"
Book Review by Jeffery Beam. The book collects Bunting's 1968 and 1974 Newcastle University lectures giving his views on English poetry.
Bunting, Basil - Review of "Basil Bunting: The Complete Poems"
Book review by Andrew Nash, archived from "Thumbscrew" magazine.
Burns, Ralph
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, poems, and links.
Carolyn Zonailo
Author's site includes her biography, bibliography, reviews, interviews, and selected poems.
Cassells, Cyrus
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, and links.
Chandler, Sherry
A short biography of the poet, with sample poems and links to publications and memberships.
Clarke, Cheryl
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography and links.
Collins, Martha
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, poem, and links.
Cooley, Nicole
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, and links.
Dalton, Roque
Provides a detailed biography and links for the late El Salvador-born poet.
David Whyte: Many Rivers
Offers poetry, European walking tours and public speaking. Includes biography, bibliography, poems, and tour information.
Deming, Alison Hawthorne
Poet and essayist based in Tucson, Arizona. Provides a biography, photograph and related links.
Dennis, Felix
A short biography of this British poet and entrepreneur, samples of his poetry and details of his tours.
di Pasquale, Emanuel
Biography, photograph and links for the East Brunswick, New Jersey-based poet and educator.
Di Piero, W.S.
San Francisco-based poet and professor. Includes a biography, photograph and links.
Dr. France Preseren
Homepage of the Slovene poet, with his works in textual and audio format, a biography, links, and information about Slovenia.
Feldman, Irving
Presents a brief biography and related links.
Feldman, Ruth
Presents a brief biography and related links.
Ferry, David
Presents a brief biography and photograph of the New Jersey-born poet.
Fiorentino, Jon Paul
News, poetry samples, and information about ordering his books.
Forbes, Calvin
Presents a biography, photograph, sample and links.
Getty, Sarah
Presents a biography, photograph, poems and related links.
Gibbons, John - Selected Poems
Samples of prose from his book, and ordering information.
Glaysher, Frederick
Poems, essays, reviews, biography, and interviews.
Glazner, Greg
Presents a brief biography, photograph and related links.
Graham, Catherine
Read about her writing workshops, poetry readings, publications and poems.
Greenlaw, Lavinia
The only site fully sanctioned by the author. Includes biography, publication list, readings.
Jean Valentine's official site features samples and audio clips of her reading her poems, as well as her current reading and teaching schedule.
Kraft, Jerry
A resume and samples of prose by this playwright, poet, theatre critic and photographer.
Lane, Patrick
Official site of well known Canadian poet. Links to books and recordings, samples of works in progress, photographs of the poet, and biography.
Lee, Priscilla
Biographical information, images, and links to poetry by the author of Wishbone.
Mary Adams's Poetry
Excerpts from Epistles from the Planet Photosynthesis, UP Florida, 1999.
Massimilla, Stephen
A short biography, reviews, and examples of poetry by this New York poet and winner of the 2001 Bordighera Poetry Prize.
Vietnamese-American poet, writer, and visual artist. Poems, biography, bibliography, and images.
Moore, Dena L.
Poetry of love, loss, and the occult from her collections "Fluidity of Creation" and "Immortality Lives." Also biography, newsletter, links to other poetry and occult sites, and links to order books.
Moore, Thomas
Thomas Moore was one of Ireland's most famous poets. This 1823 essay served as a preface to his poem, The Loves of the Angels.
Moran, Daniel Thomas
A biographical sketch, book reviews, examples of poetry and information about upcoming events.
Nemerov, Howard
Two poems about the space shuttle written by a former US Poet Laureate.
O'Dea, Michael
The poet's homepage. Includes work from various published and pre-publication collections.
O'Donnell, Mary
Selected essays by the Irish writer, with excerpts from her poetry and other prose. Also includes biography, reviews of her work, and purchase of her books.
Paterson, Banjo
Australian bush balladeer, poet and journalist and writer of "Waltzing Matilda". Provides a biography, photos and a detailed selection of online works.
Pordon, Judith: Casa Poema
Poems by Judith Pordon, publications, and other poetry links.
Radnóti, Miklós
Dedicated to the Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti (1909-1944). Includes biographical info, photographs, English translations of his poetry, and links.
Ronan, John J.
Poet, teacher, and journalist. Provides a biography, samples, news, links and photos.
Schneider, Myra
Accessible poetry by the published novelist and poet and teacher of creative writing, with biography, publications, courses, and information on the Second Light Network for older women poets.
Seidman, Hugh
Includes information on the author's books and tapes, biography, upcoming appearances, web links, and reviews of recent works.
Siegel, Eli
Poetry by the founder of Aesthetic Realism.
Smith, Sydney Bernard - Little Red Hen
Poet, playwright, satirist, fiction writer. Offers excerpts of his works.
Solomon, Sandy
Contact and biographical information, sample poems, book reviews, and schedule of readings.
Spencer, Anne
Brief biography, photograph, and selected poems.
Starnes, Sofia M.
Author's website contains biographical information, list of book publications, professional activities, a selection of published poems, and contact information.
Taylor, P.J.
My Blue Muse. The San Francisco poet and writer's home on the web, with poems and biography.
Waters, Chocolate
This site spans three decades of the work of performance poet Chocolate Waters.
Williams, David Brian
An African American poet in the Mississippi tradition. His books include "Simple Love". Texts, audio files, and images.
Zucker, Rachel
A short biography, bibliography, events schedule, book details and links to poetry samples.

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