This category contains various kinds of "haiku" that do not reflect the Japanese tradition or the serious adaptations of that tradition by poets writing in English. This includes, but is not limited to, "Spamku", Scifaiku, and similar cooptations of the superficial formal aspects of haiku for humorous or other purposes. Some web sites contain a mixture of haiku and these pseudo-haiku poems, or contain poems that seem to be in the border zone between the two. Generally, such sites will be listed under the category Haiku and Related Forms. In other words, the inclusion of some material that might irk a haiku purist will not automatically consign a site to this category. (Sites devoted to senryu, for example, will remain under the Haiku and Related category.) At the same time, this pseudo haiku category should not be considered a dumping ground, but rather a collection of sites that feature interesting offshoots at least distantly related to haiku. According to the deepest tradition of haikai, these offshoots should be appreciated for themselves.
Beer Haiku Daily
We publish a beer haiku daily. A simple poem each day to celebrate one of life's simple pleasures. Submissions are welcome.
Airless Suburban Haiku
"A cynical celebration of conspicuous consumption in haiku form." --What they said of themselves. It's accurate.
Arpeggiating through the Feeblesquare
A surreal, unconventional, and somewhat postmodern exploration of the modern abyss through haiku. Haiku Fu
A weekly haiku contest based on photos of Asian Americans in the film world. Read 'em! Write 'em! Win cheap but delightful prizes! In your face fun.
Bad Haiku
A very old (10 years plus online) repository of pseudo haiku, moderated by Janis.
Bar Haiku
Scanned images of haiku written in bars (usually on napkins). Fun and funny, with some X-rated, as you might expect from the "Bar Haiku Crowd".
Bing Crosby's Haiku
Uses invented names in all its content, except in cases when public figures are being satirized.
Bushku Generator
Cyberpoetry as from the glib lips of the Global Village Idiot. Bushku use a 3-5-3 syllable form, 'cause 5-7-5 is too darn complexicated, Laura.
Cowku For Better Living
Pseudo-haiku about cows.
Dairy Lama: Land of Cheese Haiku
Submit dairy-inspired haiku poems, called mooküs. Mookü poems are submitted and displayed on topics such as art, philosophy, love, science, and adventure.
Dog Haikus
A poetic tribute to the domesticated dog. Not classical, not 'artsy', just apt. Hopefully entertaining.
The Genuine Haiku Generator
The Genuine Haiku Generator, powered by JavaScript, creates evocative, meaningful verse (?) using completely random combinations of individual words. Save your favorite haiku online, or send one to a friend. (May be X-rated.)
Haiku by Everyone
User-contributed collection, mostly 5-7-5.
Haiku Error Messages
Yet another rendition of this popular group of 5-7-5s, with a few new ones thrown in.
Haiku error messages
If programmers were more into Haiku these are the sort of error messages you might see. (This appears to be the same as the original set, see below.)
HM automatically generates "haikus" online using HM's patented 575 technology engine.
Haikus for Jews
Humorous haikus, combining ancient Zen wisdom with timeless Jewish noodging. Excerpts from book for sale.
Irreverent 5-7-5 syllable poetry dedicated to beautiful strangers found on Friendster and other dating sites.
Hard To Swallow
Mostly absurd thoughts about the God of the Universe in loose Senryu and Tanka poetry. Food for thought and discussion. Brief comments on religious extremism, totalitarianism etc.
Aaron Naparstek's attempt to combat urban traffic noise with haiku and promote his book. Includes verses, message board, and notes and links on the urban noise problem.
Hot Cross Haiku
A poetry weblog featuring traditional and modern haiku by Ian Row of Melbourne and fellow hot crossers from around the world.
Sayings of the Wise Shang-ti
Proverb-like guru-ku written by the Wise Shang-ti while meditating high atop McDonald's golden arches.

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