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Fixed Verse Forms are those that specify rather precisely such poetic elements as word choice, rhyme scheme, meter, or number of syllables per line. Some, such as the villanelle and pantoum, specify repetition of specific lines; others, such as the sestina, specify repetition of specific words. Fixed forms now listed under this category include terza rima, the cinquain, the pantoum, the rondeau, the rondel, the rondelet, the sestina, the sonnet, and the villanelle. The clerihew, limerick, and haiku are cross-listed here as well.

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The Academy of American Poets - Poetic Forms & Techniques
Essays on fixed forms that first appeared in the National Poetry Almanac.
Craft of Poetry
A course on writing poems in rhyme, meter, and inherited forms. Covers the sonnet, sestina, and villanelle, among others. Taught by Vince Gotera and Damon McLaughlin at the University of Northern Iowa.
The Desolation Poems: Poetic Forms Used in English
Poems by Jan Haag in each of 300 forms used in the English Language.
deviantART: poetic-forms
An online community of poets interested in trying out various poetic forms. Includes write-ups on each form, with examples, by members of the community.
Form Reports
Descriptions and examples of the kyrielle, terza rima, sapphics, the rondeau, the sonnet, the villanelle, and the sestina. From a course taught by Alberto Rios.
Guide to Verse Forms
Descriptions and examples by Bob Newman of a variety of verse forms.
Personality Quiz - What Poetry Form Am I?
A quiz of personal characteristics that leads to a humorous poem in one of several forms, including the cinquain, triolet, sonnet, and terza rima.
Poetry Forms and Terminology
A compendium of links to sites that define, explain, and give examples of a variety of poetic forms.
Poetry Kaleidoscope: Guide to Poetry
Brief explanations with examples of nearly all aspects of poetry, including forms, types, techniques, and national histories.
Poetry Knowledge Zone
Lessons by Smitha Chakravartula on many aspects of poetry, including such fixed forms as the pantoum, sonnet, villanelle, and terza rima. Part of a much larger site on art and culture, focusing on the cultural heritage of India.
Poetry Soup
A large site with many sections, including definitions, descriptions, and examples of a wide variety of poetic forms.
Poetry Terms and Poetry Forms
Definitions, with an anthology of poetry on a variety of subjects.
Poetry Through the Ages
The history of a number of fixed verse forms, with famous examples and instructions of how to write them. Includes famous, classic, obscure, and 21st Century forms.
The Poets Garret
Explanations and examples of a variety of poetic forms, including Celtic and Asian forms, as well most Western forms. Readers are invited to submit their own examples of each form.
Shadow Poetry
Explanations of a wide variety traditional and recently invented poetic forms with examples by Shadow Poets.
Stepping Stones
Terzanelles and Villanelles by Erin A. Thomas.
Suzie's Sanctuary - Poetry
Anthology by Suzanne Honour including different types of form poetry, including the cinquain, clerihew, haiku, kyrielle, rondeau, and villanelle.
Table of Forms
Short descriptions of both stanza and poetic forms, with examples. By H.T. Kirby-Smith at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Verse Forms
Descriptions with examples of the triolet, terzanelle, terza rima, villanelle, and clerihew.
Web Exhibits: Poetry through the Ages
A description and step-by-step guide to writing a number of poetic forms with numerous examples. Includes a brief history of poetry and a glossary of poetic terms.
Workshops in Poetic Forms
Descriptions with examples of a variety of poetic forms, including the cinquain, kyrielle, pantoum, rondeau, sonnet, and triolet. From Forward Press. Poetry
A collection of articles on writing poetry, including articles on such forms as the sestina, the sonnet, the triolet, and the villanelle.
Young Writers Glossary of Poetry Types
Written for British school children. Contains descriptions and instructions for writing a wide variety of fixed poetic forms.
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