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This category includes poetry criticism and theory in the form of book reviews, essays, treatises and articles. The material covers a wide range - from contemporary to classic, regional to international. While some online journals and literary reviews are included, it is not primarily a category for webzines.

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Against National Poetry Month As Such
Poet and critic Charles Bernstein explains why National Poetry Month is bad for poetry.
Aristotle's Poetics
Heavily annotated translation at the Perseus Project's website.
Bad Poetry
An introduction to bad poetry, though not necessarily by bad poets, with texts of various exemplary poems. As selected and annotated by Professor Seamus Cooney.
berniE-Zine: Rants, Raves & Reviews
Book reviews by Bernadette "bernie" Geyer.
Journal of African and African-American writing containing original work by and critical studies of black writers worldwide.
Can Poetry Matter? by Dana Gioia
A 1991 essay examining why poetry has vanished as a cultural force in America.
Criticizing the Poetry Slam by John Brady
An article that examines the "free-for-all" atmosphere of performance poetry.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Poetry
A collection of poetry reviews. Authors reviewed include Ursula K. Le Guin and Robert Graves.
DiversityBay: Book Reviews
Reviews of gay writing coming out of Australia.
Electronic Book Review
An online literary review.
The Genealogy of Postmodernism
An essay by Albert Gelpi.
It Is, As It's Elsewhere
Report by Lynette Abel of a class given by Eli Siegel on the meaning of poetry. In it, he discusses Carl Sandburg's "To a Contemporary Bunkshooter."
Life, love, death, and poetry in the work of Brian Patten
An essay on the work of Brian Patten, one of the Liverpool Poets.
Collection of classical literary criticism on the Internet (1350 to 1660 A.D.)
Modern American Poetry
Critical and historical essays and syllabi on modern American poetry. Many of the works relate to poems in the Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry.
Online Literary Criticism Collection
The Internet Public Library's database of literary criticism.
Poetry Snark
Attacks on contemporary American poets.
Rebels: Painters and Poets of the 1950s
An essay on the "Rebel Poets of the 1950s" by Steven Watson.
Whose New American Poetry?
Anthologizing in the nineties. An essay by Marjorie Perloff.
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