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Anatol Knotek
Artist and visual poet.
Big Bang Faerie
Virtual animated poetry by Big Bang Art Inner Movement. Texts in French and English. Includes manifesto.
The Body Politic
By Jennifer Ley. Part of DAC '99, My Millennium, and Cauldron and Net.
A Collective Effort of Australian Visual Poets
Visual poetry from thalia, Jas H,. Duke, Ruth Cowen, and other poets associated with Collective Effort Press.
The Gates of Paradise
Hundreds of shape poems to the unbound human self by David Daniels and friends. Including selections from his biographical visual epic, Years.
Joglars Crossmedia Beliefware
Works by Miekal And.
Kaldron On-Line
Official site for the visual poetry magazine. Archives, articles and presentations of individual poets.
Lettriste Pages
Main site on the web for this French visual poetry movement, censored out of standard Concrete anthologies. Among other distinctions, Lettrisme was the art form of the 1968 French Students' Movement that came close to bringing about a revolution. Work by founder Isidore Isou, and members from succeding generations.
Mathematical Poetry
An artistic expression created by performing mathematical operations on words or images as if they were numbers.
Poetic Solutions : Poemas interreales
An intersemiotic site: original graphics, translations, poetry, concrete poetry and art, multilingual domain names. Flash design is used in various pages. The Web Design Poet Award resides at Poetic Solutions. In English and Spanish.
Poetry Et cetera
Deborah Young's visual poetry.
Dan Waber's playful series of Flash pieces about relationships.
Tom Phillips A Humument
Centering on A HUMUMENT, this site includes information about Phillips' projects and samples on new pages of his magnum opus.
Workshop of the Scripturality
The site presents the artwork of Joƫlle Dautricourt on writing, Hebrew and Latin letters. In English and French.
Workshop with Hungarian Visual Poets
Poetry by Maria Hegedus, Tibor Papp, Gabor Toth and others, most publishing in Hungarian Workshop magazine, which helped keep a sense of community going, even when some of these poets lived in exile.
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