Doc Savage, pulp hero, published by Street & Smith 1933-1949.
Scans of Street and Smith books and other collectibles. Pictures of Phillip Jose Farmer and Boris Vallejo.
Bronze Icon
Story examination focusing on influences from actual events and other literary works.
The Bronze Journal
Articles about Doc Savage and hero pulps in general.
Bronze Refined As Silver
Doc Savage fan fiction with religious content.
Death in Silver (Wikipedia)
Summary and discussion of the "Death in Silver" story. Includes story plot, cast of characters, various gadgets and tricks used.
Doc Savage (Wikipedia)
General overview of Doc Savage publication history including pulp magazines, radio, movie, and comic books.
The Doc Savage Chronology
Genealogy of famous literary characters including Doc Savage and his assistants in the Wold Newton Universe.
Doc Savage Club
Yahoo Discussion Group on Doc Savage. Membership by application. Archived messages are public.
Doc Savage in French
French editions: General and historical information, full publication listings, cover scans, text samples. Bilingual site (English and French).
The Doc Savage Library
Information on Doc Savage comics, books, and movies.
Doc Savage.Org
Doc Savage cover illustrations for pulp and paperback editions. Synopsis of stories and fan reviews.
Yahoo Groups private discussion group. Subject matter: stories, authors, publisher, and other topics. Membership by application.
Golden Age Doc Savage Comics Covers
Grand Comic Database entry for golden age Doc Savage comics by Street & Smith. Contains thumbnails images, issue number, and publication date for issues 1-20 (1940 - October 1943).
House of Gadgets
National Register of Historic Places registration form to have the Lester and Norma Dent home in La Plata, Missouri enrolled. The form contains biographical entries on Lester Dent and details about his pulp writings. [PDF]
La Plata's Man of Bronze
Biographical sketch of Lester Dent and his association with the Doc Savage series from "Rural Missouri" web article
Lester B. Dent Collection
Biographical sketch with link to index of manuscripts, pulp magazines, film, and personal papers held at the University of Missouri. Microfilm copies available via inter-library loan.
Lester Dent (Wikipedia)
Biographical information on Lester Dent and his work on the Doc Savage series for Street & Smith Publishers.
The Man of Bronze Movie
Internet Movie Database information on the 1975 movie. Directed by Michael Anderson starring Ron Ely, Paul Gleason, and William Lucking. Doc Savage and his crew battle Captain Seas for control of a fabulous fortune in gold.
Rogue's Hero
Short essay on Doc Savage, includes sound bites from the movie and NPR radio shows.
Speculations in Bronze
Speculative essays and articles dealing with Doc Savage.
Street & Smith Collection
Publisher's records housed at Syracuse University. Includes a list of the Doc Savage Radio Show scripts.
Brief sketch of the Man of Bronze and links to Doc Savage sites.
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