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This category contains listings for the websites of magazines and e-zines which are noted for publishing fantastic--e. g., fantasy and science fiction, etc.--literature or deal with such literature itself in the way of literary criticism and less formal reviews, news about authors and books, and so on. For listings of sites on a broader range of science fiction and fantasy media--film, television, etc.--see Arts/Genres/Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

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Locus Online
The online version of the leading news and review magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing fields.
Focuses on Irish, and also European, science fiction literature.
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Site for the long running magazine showcasing both science fiction and science fact articles.
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Lighthearted science fiction and fantasy magazine, published bi-monthly in print.
Website version of the U. K. fanzine.
Arte Six
SFF zine which looks at film festivals and interviews genre authors.
Asimov's Science Fiction
Essays by Isaac Asimov, stories, book and net reviews, readers' forum and chats, writers guidelines, cartoons, and puzzles.
Dedicated to John W Campbell's classic magazine Astounding Science Fiction, with a list of stories published plus a selection of quotations from stories.
Australia's Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Small amateur fanzine with tidbits from the silly to ruminations on the nature of fandom. Contains full text of some issues, and information on how to purchase or trade for hard copies.
Bewildering Stories
Bewildering Stories features experimental writing in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Includes short stories, poetry, drama, reviews, correspondence and novels.
Challenging Destiny
Canadian science fiction and fantasy short story magazine published by Crystalline Sphere Publishing.
Continuum Science Fiction
Includes information on the style of stories accepted and publication schedule.
Dawn Sky
Original works of fantasy and science fiction art, fiction and digital audiovisual works.
Electric Spec
Tri-annual e-zine that publishes science fiction, fantasy, and macabre short stories.
Escape Pod
Audio podcast which features a new audio sci-fi story each week, usually updated on Fridays.
Fantasy and Science Fiction
The award-winning Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, founded in 1949. The original publisher of Stephen King's Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz.
Future Fire
Online magazine of original writing in dark speculative fantasy.
Galaxy eZine
The online version of the famous science fiction magazine with original material posted daily and weekly.
Infinity Plus
Short stories, novel extracts, reviews, and the work of some of the world's top science fiction and fantasy authors.
Internet Review of Science Fiction
SF magazine. Registration required to read.
A quarterly UK-based science fiction magazine. Provides a writer's guide for submissions, subscription information and back issues.
Hugo-award-winning fanzine by Richard and Nicki Lynch.
Speculative fiction - sf, fantasy, horror - and poetry.
On Spec
Includes subscription and back-issue information, as well as Canadian science fiction convention-related material.
A Hugo-nominated British fanzine with full text and art from back issues online.
The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation
This is the online version of the Eurocon award winning science and science fiction magazine featuring articles and reviews from contributors all over Europe.
Science Fiction Fantasy
Speculative fiction, fantasy and horror stories.
Scifi Tales
SFF e-books and poems.
Essays, fan fiction, jokes and directories devoted to SFF universes.
A monthly e-zine for science fiction news, reviews, and interviews.
Some Fantastic
Quarterly eZine dedicated to sf/fantasy/horror book and DVD reviews and academic style essays.
Magazine offering reviews, news and feature articles on science-fiction and fantasy films, TV and books.
Surprising Stories
Fanzine featuring SF-related short stories, poetry and articles from published and unpublished authors.
Sweet Despise
Exploration into darker literature; including recommended reading, columns, bibliographies and writing.
Reviews of science fiction and fantasy publications.
TTA Press: Interzone
Includes subscription information and a brief description of the contents of recent issues of the noted U. K. science fiction magazine.
The Zone
SFF fiction, essays and reviews of books.

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