Small press imprints from science fiction publishing houses.

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Aardwolf Press
US-based small press.
Arkham House Publishers
US small press imprint.
Biting Dog Press
Small press publisher of fantasy and slipstream works.
Cemetery Dance Publications
Small press with a focus on dark fantasy and horror.
Circlet Press
Small press publisher of erotic science fiction and fantasy.
Crowsnest Books
Publisher of the Triple Realm fantasy series, and the non-fiction So You Really Want To Write Science Fiction?.
Earthling Publications
Small-press publishers of novels such as Exorcising Angels by Simon Clark and Tim Lebbon.
Small press publisher of science fiction and fantasy literature.
Gauntlet Press
Small press SFF publisher.
Golden Gryphon Press
Small-press publisher of short story collections.
Haffner Press
Small-press publisher of many of Jack Williamson's works.
Hippocampus Press
Hippocampus publishes HP Lovecraft and classic weird tales of horror.
Independent publishing imprint specializing in genre-related nonfiction material such as scholarly works on comics and surveys of the fantasy genre.
Nitrosyncretic Press
Small-press imprint dedicated to works about Robert A. Heinlein.
Old Earth Books
SF dedicated imprint. Mostly reprints of old classics.
PS Publishing
UK-based imprint for science fiction, fantasy and horror novels, novellas and short fiction collections.
SFF imprint based in the US.
Red Jacket Press
Publishes facsimile reprints of out-of-print SF classics.
Subterranean Press
Small press publisher of horror fiction.
Tachyon Books
Small press operating in the SF market.
Transylvania Press
Small press with a horror-focus.
Tyrannosaurus Press
Independent small press publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy literature.
Wheatland Press
Small press publisher of slipstream and magic realism-based books.
White Wolf
RPG publisher of novels based around their games. Includes Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf The Apocalypse and Mage The Ascension.
Wild Flower Press, Inc.
Smallpress publisher of books such as Gatekeeper and Sojourner (action-oriented sci-fi).
Wildside Press
Small press publisher of SFF.
Yard Dog Press
Small press publisher of boundary-blurring SFF.
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