Science-fiction author H. Beam Piper is perhaps best known for his novels about small, semi-intelligent hominids, Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Sapiens, and the posthumously-published Fuzzies and Other People. (These three novels were collected and released in 1998 as The Complete Fuzzy.) These novels formed only a part of Piper's Terro-Human Future History (TFH), a grand, sweeping, yet convincingly realistic assortment of space opera novels and stories. Piper was also responsible for a series of stories of "sideways time travel" into parallel universes known as the Paratime Series, which includes the novel Lord Kalvan Of Otherwhen. Since Piper's suicide in 1964, William Tuning, Ardath Mayhar, Michael Kurland, and Roland Green and John F. Carr have written sequels to or adaptations of Piper's work. A long-expected sequel to Piper's novel Space Viking by Jerry Pournelle has yet to be published. "He knew the grand sweep of history, but he also knew the small tales; the intrigues and petty jealousies, heroism and cowardice, honor and betrayals. This, I think, is why his stories have such a ring of truth... He was a story teller; a man who could keep you up all night with his books and tales... He was a cavalier." -Jerry Pournelle, preface to Federation, edited by John F. Carr.

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Official site of editor John F. Carr's sequels to "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen".
Chaos Manor Mail October 4 - 10, 1999
Jerry Pournelle comments on his relationship to Piper and his rights to write stories in Piper's universe.
Dani Zweig's Belated Reviews #3: H Beam Piper
Brief reviews of several Piper novels.
Dead Fuzzies
Parody filk song, by Dave Weingart.
Down Styphon!
Fantasy Games Unlimited's (FGU) out-of-print wargame set in the Kalvan's timeline setting of Piper's Paratime novel "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen".
Italian Piper bibliography
Italian translations of Piper's works, includes links to several cover scans.
Little Fuzzy Animals
Filk song by Harry Smothers.
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
This simple page by Dennis Frank is dedicated to the Paratime novel and includes extensive notes, a map of the region where the novel is set, and photos from various locations depicted in the novel.
Uchronia: Paratime
This page from the Uchronia Alternate History bibliography lists several foreign language translations of Piper's Paratime works
Wikipedia: H. Beam Piper
Article including links and detailed bibliography.
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