These fan pages are dedicated by individuals to J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth. They serve primarily as personal tributes to the author. Commercial-type sites are listed as Resources.
Council of Elrond
Features news, images, forums, Elvish lessons, multimedia, humor and a newsletter.
Downfall of the Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King
Synopsis and time-line of Middle-earth history.
Gandalf's Smial
Images, fonts, and essays.
Hobbit Web Quest
Small FAQ on Hobbits with a quiz.
Julian's Tolkien Pages
Images, biography, and graphics.
Lake Evendim
The Capital of the Ancient Realm of Arnor. Has LOTR captions, projects, contemplation and wallpapers. Also a guide to Engrish, recording the messed up subtitles that appear on asian bootleg DVDs of the Lord of the Rings.
Lord of the Rings
Pictures and links.
LOTRfanclub Scrapbook
Archives of this LOTR fan club. Creative writing, poetry, parodies and essays.
Luthien Tinuviel's Page
Personal homepage with an emphasis on Luthien.
Meduseld, the Golden Hall of Brego
Includes trivia, information, news, audio files, images, and links.
Mellonath Legolas
Fan material on Legolas.
My Hobbitat
Character biographies, images, sounds, and links.
Costume design and fan page. Original costumes and props with how-to details.
QuaidXIII's Tolkien Page
Contains book previews, photos, poems from "The Hobbit," merchandise, polls, and links.
Ring Lord
Images, maps, quotes and links.
The Ringwraith's Tolkien Site
Summaries, index of places, and links.
Shire Post
Actual paper-and-ink mail with an elaborate hobbit theme.
Tolkien Gateway
Information about the movies, books, languages, music, as well as downloads and community forums.
The Tolkien Meta-FAQ
A unified index to the major Tolkien FAQs and a personalized book list.
Tolkien's Tavern
Describes the author's life and works.
Twin Stars of Imladris
Tribute to Elladan and Elrohir, the twin sons of Elrond. Features a biography, genealogy, art, and fan fiction.

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