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Gorean Piglet-ism
Parody of Gorean criticism though a farcical comparison of Gor to the world of "Winnie the Pooh".
John Norman at Wikipedia
User written encyclopedia-esque entry for this author and his world of Gor, with passing comment on modern Goreans and limited cross references.
John Norman's Chronicles of Gor
Newest publisher the series - developed in association with John Norman and e-Reads. Presents the 26 volumes of the saga in a newly revised form, along with member forums, articles, an online bookstore, and promises periodic new messages from the author.
Locus Index - John Norman
Locus Magazine's SciFi Index listing for this author. Includes a publishing history and information on various editions, broken into yearly summaries.
Nietzsche, John Norman, and Gor
A collection of quotations and opinions, examining the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche on the world of Gor and its Gorean philosophy.
Who's this John Norman Guy, Anyway?
Somewhat dated biography of the author, including notes on his various works and references to articles he has written.
Science Fiction Pioneer John Norman is Back
PRWeb press release heralding the return of the Gorean Saga and the publication of "Witness of Gor". Includes a brief history of the series, its popularity, questionable cancellation, blacklisting, and revival in reaction to internet fandom. (August 08, 2002)
Locus Online: Letter from John Norman
John Norman's comments on the continued discrimination by portions of the Science Fiction community against his work and contributions to the genre. (October 14, 2001) Chain Gang
Somewhat biased and opinionated article about the online fandom of the Gorean novels. (May 18, 2000)
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