Not everyone is a fan of the Harry Potter books. Those who actively oppose the books generally do so from a religious perspective. Objections tend to focus on the portrayal of witches and wizards as positive role models for children. Witches, especially, are sometimes associated with pagan religion.
Bewitched by Harry Potter
Berit Kjos's article on why he feels the new generation of children are far more vulnerable to deception than previous ones.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Review of the film. Leave your comments and write a review yourself.
Harry Potter Criticism
Criticism from secular perspectives including comments from Le Guin, Byatt, Hensher, and Bloom.
Harry Potter Movie and Three Good Reasons to Avoid It
Some brief objections to the Harry Potter phenomenon.
Harry Potter Series - Deception By Storm
Short article explaining why Christians should not buy these books.
Harry Potter, Culture, and Religion
Scholarly articles and updates on Harry Potter and religious objections against the use of the Harry Potter books in public schools.
Harry Potter: Satanic Godsend Mainstreaming Witchcraft
Claims that J.K. Rowling's story line is innocent witchcraft are like Hollywood saying sex and violence on the screen have no effect on society.
Harry Potter: What Does God Have To Say
A former Witch shares some concerns about the Harry Potter phenomena.
I Hate Harry Potter
Article critical of the Harry Potter series, with a forum for suggesting and discussing fantasy lit alternatives for children.
The True Danger of Your Child Reading The Harry Potter Books
Christian site claiming the Potter books are non-fiction and teaches satanism and cannibalism.
What About Harry Potter?
Review of the books from a Christian perspective, for parents. An online tract that can be printed out. [PDF]
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