Some fans create pages or sites devoted to Harry Potter. These include Role Playing sites and Informational Sites.
Arabella Figg's Hogwarts Express
Features guides to the books, dictionaries on the series, and a detailed, illustrated biography of author J.K. Rowling.
The Burrow
Book summaries, rumors, and wonderings.
Crazy For Harry Potter
Facts and rumors about the books, fan fiction, fan club, theories, and encyclopedia of details.
DC's Harry Potter Illustrations
Includes theories, name game, Harry Potter look-alikes corner, and a shrine dedicated to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.
Embledore's Simpsons-Style Harry Potter Characters
Characters from Harry Potter drawn as if they had been animated on TVs The Simpsons.
Emerald Spellbook, The
Harry/Hermione fan page with fanart, fanfiction, and character descriptions
For Harry Potter Fans Everywhere
Includes games, Harry Potter facts, movie information, fan fiction, and book summaries.
Forums of Potter
Features pictures, fan art, fan fiction, and a spell list.
Harry Potter and Christianity
Collection of thoughts on the Harry Potter versus Christianity debate and findings concerning the supernatural in literature.
The Harry Potter Domain
Book and movie news, a Hogwarts role play game and mythology behind the characters.
Harry Potter Fans Unite
Character biographies and descriptions, quotes, book facts, and pictures.
Harry Potter for Muggles
A list of the characters, presentation of Hogwarts and Quidditch, a list of some of the publishers and titles of the books in different countries, cast and crew of the movie and a piece of fan fiction.
Harry Potter
Information about the writing of Order of the Phoenix and a trivia.
Harry Potter World
A list of foods and drinks and magical creatures in the books, a quiz, introductions to the places in the books, and Quidditch.
Fan site. Includes a collection of games and puzzles.
Hogwart's Hangout
Contains news, movie stills, international book covers, and a spell list.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Rumors, roleplaying games, and movie news.
Hogwarts Tower of Time
Provides Hogwarts information, character names, rumors and facts about the books and fan fiction links.
The Land of the Phoenix
Contains rumors, book summaries, character information, and a quiz.
The Magical World of Harry Potter
Includes fan fiction, pictures, a chatroom, and message board.
Features news and information on the books, movies, and characters.
Mystical Magic
Contains book information, facts, list of spells and beasts, movie pictures, and font download.
The Pheonix Feather
Fan fiction, mistakes in the movie and books, and information on the Harry Potter series.
Potter Storm
News and rumors, commentary, and general information about the Potter universe.
Rowling's Magic
Lists of the spells and the book titles in the books and a little RPG.
Features knowledge tests of the first five books.
Tealin's Harry Potter Headquarters
Includes original artwork, dreams submitted by fans, a defence of Harry Potter against those who say it's evil, and an area devoted to Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.
Virtual Hogwarts
Character biographies, images, information about the various houses, and rumors about upcoming books.
The Wizards World
Visit important places of Harry Potter`s world and become a student at Hogwarts .

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