This is a category for sites featuring original web fiction based upon the Harry Potter books. It is NOT a site for online bookstores or miscellaneous Harry Potter information like book spoilers, movie rumors, etc.
Albus Dumbledore Fanfiction Fanlisting
Collection of many genres of Albus Dumbledore fan fiction.
Coffee and Chocolate
Collection of canon, and relationship based fan fiction. Harry Potter
Includes topics for children to read and contribute to.
Collection of novel-length fan fiction including romance, angst, and humorous stories.
Harry Potter Poetry
A collection of rhyming tributes to Harry Potter and his friends.
Harry Potter's World of Magic
Stories, poems and songs from various authors.
Features a large collection of many genres of fan fiction, also features fan fiction based on character relationships.
Ivory Gate of Dreams
Tales from the world of Harry Potter. Membership required.
The Lunasa Project
Weblog detailing progress of 'Your Woman' by Lianhan.
Made For Each Other
A George Weasley/Katie Bell ship site.
Magus Amor: The Harry Potter Archives
A collection of fan works, such as art, fiction and poetry.
Michael's Fiction Writing
Features an re-adaptation of Harry Potter book seven.
Passive Lunacy
Fan fiction submissions, fan art, and a shrine to R.J. Lupin.
Phoenix Feathers RPG
Harry Potter roleplay. Fan fiction writing with an emphasis on staying in genre. Database to manage all characters.
A varied source of fanfiction, updated daily.
The Sugar Quill
Includes editing guidelines, suggestion board, links to other Harry Potter sites, and a fan fiction archive, as well as a large writing community who are happy to suggest improvement.
Sycophant Hex
Divided into eight archives for all Harry Potter fan fiction categories.
Under the Lake Fics
Offers fan fictions, activities, contests, and the option of joining and earning points for a Hogwarts House.
The Unknowable Room
Features James and Lily, and Marauder era fan fiction, also features fanart, a wiki, and forums.

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