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Abley, Mark
Author, columnist and poet; with a blog, news, biography and bibliography.
Acharya, Shanta
Poet, author and educator with a biography and details of her publications in business, finance and literary studies.
Acker, Kathy
Biography of an American experimental novelist, punk poet, playwright, essayist, postmodernist and sex-positive feminist writer.
Ackerman, Diane
Official home page of author with details of works, biography and contact information. Writer of nonfiction and poetry.
Adeyemo, Rufus Dele
British Nigerian African writer and poet based in London. Details provided about publications, photos, what's new, favorite links, and guest book.
Adkins, Leonard M.
An author of books focussed on the outdoors. Details of publications, events and biography are provided.
Africano, Lillian
New Jersey author's web site includes biographical information, photos, an interview, and information on her titles.
Ainsworth, Harrison
Chronology, biographical material and related Victorian era information.
Aldington, Richard
Writer, critic and poet. The site contains a biography, bibliography, some poetry, extensive details of collections and access to a newsletter.
Amor, Daniel
Multi-language site providing details of publications as well as summaries, tables of contents, forewords, introduction, sample chapters, read or submit reviews, as well as purchase details.
Anderson, Belinda
West Virginia fiction author. Reviews, articles, appearances and profile.
Andric, Ivo
Details on the Nobel e-Museum of the 1961 Nobel laureate in literature. Speeches, biographical details and documentary and other information provided.
Anirman, David
Grecian rhetoric in rhyme. Book excerpts include a recently published 400 page narrative poem on the current world situation. Site shared with graphic artist Ruby Lee.
Antoni, Brian
Novelist; with a biography, media reviews and interviews.
Ash, Niema
Writer of inspirational travel stories. Biography, excerpts, and photos.
Balfour, Bruce
Author site covering the novels and comic books of Bruce Balfour. Brief bio, credit list, book summaries, and links.
Ballard, Allen
Biography, contact and information on his three published works.
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
News, information, reviews, and book discussion group questions.
Author's site includes biographical information, information on her titles, photos, and an interview.
Author's homepage includes a brief biography, reviews, and excerpts of his work.
Beard, Richard
Author's site includes reviews, book information, sample stories and sports articles, and biography.
Binning, Bj
Provides details about the author and her inspirational books, "Circumstances" and "Love me already".
Bird, Christiane
This New York city author's site includes biographical information, brief review comments, photos, and information on her publications.
Black, Kathryn
A Colorado site including biographical information, reviews of her publications, an interview and information about her workshops on mothering and memoir writing.
Blackburn, Stephen
Author's site features a biography, reviews, and excerpts from his published books.
Bottoms, Greg
Interview with the author of The Colorful Apocalypse: Journeys in Outsider Art.
Boyar, Theresa
Author's homepage includes her biography, news, weblog, and excerpts of her work.
Brown, Jim
The official website of author and journalist providing details of published books, brief biography, events/FAQ, newsletter, and images.
Bryan, Lynne
British author's homepage includes her biography, summaries and reviews of her work, and information about her creative writing courses.
Buckell, Tobias S.
Speculative fiction author with site offering a weblog, bibliography, newsletter, and schedule of appearances.
Bullough, Tom
Author's site featuring information on books, excerpts, reviews, biography, weblog and bookshop.
Caldwell, Erskine
Author of "Tobacco Road" and "God's Little Acre". Biography, publications, and resources.
Carey, Jacqueline
Author's site includes biography, information and reviews of her works, and excerpts from "The Crossley Baby."
Castellani, Christopher
Author's website includes news, reviews, biography, recommended reading and links.
Chambers, Veronica
Author's site contains biography, book descriptions, book tour details, favorite recipes and contact information.
Charyn, Jerome
Author's biography, an article, and some information about his books.
Christian Blake
Collected writings, essays, and random thoughts of Christian Blake.
Chun, Pam
Author shares her family history and the historical documents and photos from the National Archives that led her to write the saga of Hawaiian entrepreneur L. Ah Leong.
Ciabattari, Jane
Author's site includes reviews of her work, book sales, and links to her other published short stories, articles, and interviews.
Clay, Alan
Biography and information on his novels "Believers in Love" and "Dance Sisters."
Cockrell, Amanda
Author's web site includes biographical information, photos, an interview, and information on her titles.
The Collective Written Works of Aymee Thomas
This site contains stories and articles for children and adults. Most are fictional.
Conrad, Peter
A review of Modern Time, Modern Places by the Marxist critic Terry Eagleton.
Cook Michael Lee
Official site, with short stories, biography, and journal.
Cook, K.L.
K.L. Cook is the author of the award-winning collection of linked stories, "Last Call."
Cooper, T. L.
Author's site includes short stories, poetry, and a sample chapter from her novel, "All She Ever Wanted."
Coram, Robert
Includes author's biography, reviews, photos and contact information.
Cottle, John
Author of the short story collection, "The Blessings of Hard-Used Angels," winner of the 2003 George Garrett Fiction Prize.
Cowley, Joseph
Information about the author and the various books he has published.
Craig, Amanda
Author and journalist whose works include 'In a Dark Wood' and 'A Vicious Circle.' Biography, books, and articles.
Crew, Linda
Author's site includes biographical information, a bibliography, contact information and pictures.
Crombie, Deborah
Author's website includes her biography and sample chapters from nine of her novels.
Crowther, Ray
Author's site contains biography, reviews and excerpts from his novels.
Csirmaz, Elod Pal
Featuring information on published works and scholarly activity.
Cunningham, M. Allen
The official site for M. Allen Cunningham, author of "The Green Age of Asher Witherow." Information about the novel, tour information, links to short fiction, excerpts, and a weblog.
de Bernieres, Louis
UK author's site including biography and book list.
DeMarco, Peg
Period e-book author and columnist. Novels and synopses, editing, articles, interviews, and author profile.
Evslin, Tom
Author's site includes resume, forum, and the full text of his novel
Farland, David
Fantasy and science fiction writer of "Runelords" and "Of Mice and Magic" offers writing workshops and seminars. Utah.
Fiore, Carmen Anthony
Author describes his novels and nonfiction books for adults, children and young adults.
Goldwell, Bruce
Author of the Dragon Keepers series and self help books.
Graver, Elizabeth
Novelist and short story writer; with reading group guides, a biography, bibliography, excerpts and events list.
Hale, Edward Everett
Online publication of Edward Everett Hale's classic short story "The Man without a Country."
Hamer, Forrest
AfroPoets.Net Famous Writers: brief biography, photograph, and selected poems.
Harms, Valerie
Includes biography, book details, information on workshops based on books, excerpts and articles.
Harrigan, Stephen
Official home page of this novelist (The Gates of the Alamo), journalist, and screenwriter (The King of Texas).
Harris, Christopher
Author of the historical fiction trilogy Theodore, False Ambassador, and Memoirs of a Byzantine Eunuch. Includes synopses, samples, and recipes featured in the novels.
Hatton, Jane
Cornwall-based author of several novels and children's books. Excerpts of recent novels available online.
Hawes, Louise
Features reviews and a profile.
Hearth, Amy Hill
A personal profile of the author with short descriptions of her books and contact information.
Hemans, Donna
Official site for author of the novel River Woman, with brief biography and reviews.
Hemingway, Eliza
Books and stories by the Canadian artist and author. Includes competitions, event and workshops.
Herman, Lisa
Author of Border Crossing and Bourgeois Blues.
Hilley, Joe
Official site of author Joe Hilley. Contains profile and information about his books, which include "Sober Justice" and "Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader".
Hirshberg, Glen
Novelist's official home page, with bibliography and news.
Holzer, Erika
Holzer's official site, showcasing her works, and featuring personal stories about how she came to write, with the help of her mentor, Ayn Rand.
Hood, Hugh
The Isolation Booth. Tribute page for this Canadian novelist, with photos of Hood and the covers of his books.
Hopkins, Jerry
Author of Strange Foods, No One Here Gets Out Alive, and many other non-fiction books and magazine articles.
Horn, Dara
Information about the author and her debut novel In the Image.
Houston, Beth
Showcasing the author's books, publications and educational career.
Humphreys, Raymond
Writer of poetry and speculative fiction. Publications list, biography, a weblog, and online quizzes and games by the author.
Ireland, Sally
Author's site includes biography, excerpts and reviews of her novels, and online poetry.
Israel, David
Biography, journal, gallery, music and an excerpt from his novel, "Behind Everyman".
J. Michael Yates
Author's homepage includes his biography and samples of his poetry, short fiction, and drama.
Jacqueline Wilson
Children's book writer based in the UK.
Jeejeebhoy, Shireen
Includes a blog, excerpts, suggested readings, and a biography.
Johnson, Keith Lee
Author's personal site includes articles, interview and excerpts from his work.
Jones, Edward P.
Wikipedia article, with links.
Jordan, Hillary
Official site; with a blog, biography, and tour dates.
Fantasy author and freelancer, Josh Vogt.
Karon, Jan
Official site for the Mitford series author. Books, author profile, reading group guides, forum, events calendar, and newsletter.
Kay, Terry
Award-winning novelist and screenwriter. Biography, news, and comments by the author on each of his books, in MP3 format.
Keegan, Alex
Official site of the author includes his recent fiction and non-fiction.
Kellerman, Lois
A veteran Ethical Culture leader offers a marriage manual. The author's site also includes a calendar of appearances.
Kelley, Collin
Official website of the poet, novelist and journalist. Book sales, weblog, and poetry samples.
Kendrick, Sue
Books written and services offered by author and designer based in Leicestershire, UK.
Kenny, Mary
Irish journalist and writer. Biography, publications, talks and broadcasts.
Kierstead, Kevin A.
Kevin A. Kierstead on Facebook gives access to promotional items and news. Genres include science-fiction, humor, and suspense thrillers.
Klam, Matthew
Official site for the fiction and non-fiction author includes excerpts, reviews, and buying information.
Konrath, Jon
Based in New York City. Profile, news, books, short stories, projects, and personal journal.
Krabbé, Tim
Dutch novelist and poet. Writer of screenplays and books and articles on chess and cycling. Site in Dutch and English.
Lalami, Laila
Moroccan-American author of The Moor's Account, Secret Son, and Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits.
Lavender, Bee
An entrepreneur, and author of Lessons in Taxidermy, Mamaphonic and Breeder. Include journal and news.
Ledbetter, Suzann
Writer, contributing editor for Family Circle, newspaper columnist, humorist, speaker, biogrpaher and the author of East of Peculiar.
Lengeman, William I., III
Author/journalist's site includes weblog, articles, reviews, and short fiction.
Lewis, Sherry
Author of mystery, time-travel, and contemporary romance novels. Tips for writers, a newsletter, and biography.
Linds, Gayle
Contains bibliography, calendar of events, excerpts, interviews and articles.
Lindsey, David
Author of suspense mystery novels. Details about his books, news, and forum.
Lippi, Rosina (Sara Donati)
Contains a biography, blog, excerpts and short stories.
Long, Amelia Reynolds
(1904-1978), penned mystery novels, science fiction, and poetry. Site contains a bibliography of her work and information about her writing career.
Long, John
Author's page includes biography, book orders, and downloads of sample chapters.
Lynn, Allison
Official site for the writer of 'Now You See It'; with a biography.
Lyons, Jeff
Free e-books as well as books for sale.
M. D. Benoit
Speculative and future fiction writer. Ottawa, Canada.
Maberry, Jonathon
Author of more than 900 articles, sixteen nonfiction books, three novels, numerous short stories, poetry, song lyrics, video scripts, and two plays.
Madhubuti, Haki
AfroPoets.Net Famous Black Writers: Brief biography, photograph, and selected poems.
Mandel, Oscar
Information about the works of the Belgian-born American author Oscar Mandel which range across the fields of poetry, drama, fiction, the essay, literary scholarship and theory, translations (especially from French and German), and art history.
Mansell, Chris
The home page of Australian poet Chris Mansell. Includes biography, poetics, critiques, and some poems.
Marryat, Florence
Site dedicated to the nineteenth-century novelist, editor, playwright, spiritualist, singer and actress.
Michaelian, William
Novelist and short-story writer. Offers writings, news, reviews, and interviews, as well as comments on favorite books and authors.
Miller, Joanne
Author of books, articles and short stories, Joanne includes the text for her college level course, "How to Write and Sell Non-fiction" on the website.
Murnane, Maria
Author of Perfect on Paper, It’s a Waverly Life, and Honey on Your Mind — Chocolate for Two. Also offers webinars for writers.
O'Brien, Dorene
Includes brief biography, publications listing, excerpts, and writer's resources.
Orna Ross
Writing and publishing books and poems. London based.
Rahn, Otto
Dedicated to the historian, archeologist, writer, SS officer of the mystical Ahnenerbe unit, a seeker of Truth and the Holy Grail.
Raschen, Dan
Details of publications and short autobiography.
Ravel, Edeet
Canadian-Israeli author with details of publications, contact information, biography, reviews and some excerpts.
Ravenscroft, John
Fiction and feature writer, and co-editor of Cadenza magazine. Includes selection of published articles plus links.
Rayner, Mark
Author's site includes book information, news and reviews, online stories, and a weblog.
Readett, Gerard
Details of first online science-fiction novel with extracts provided. Some links and information about telematics.
Rechtman, Nancy
Playwright, humor columnist and novelist with details of columns, links, reviews and an archive. Contact details and regular newsletter.
Reeves, Judy
Classes and workshops and readings by author of books and calendars for the writing life.
Reichler, Mel
The Man with the Ladder - Wonderful Things to Read, joint authors Mel Reichler and Jim Egan, featuring their stories, poetry and sociological pieces.
Reiter, Jendi
Poems, essays and legal articles plus excerpts from a thriller, "Child Witness".
Remic, Andy
A writer of thriller adventure novels. Information about publications, reviews, biographical details, links, and recent news.
Rickards, John
Empire of Dirt, personal weblog of author.
Rios, Mi-Chelle L.
Details include a biography, information about CHOLA - her first novel - and contact information.
Rizzo, Theresa
Author's pages with details of awards, publications, press, links, contacts and biography.
Robson, Lucia St. Clair
Book reviews and excerpts, biography, contact information, and information about her writings and upcoming appearances.
Rock, Peter
Discussions and listings of the author's works. There is a biography, short stories, news and some excerpts from the published works.
Rodger, David J
Showcases work with extracts of publications, links, a game, writers philosophy, updates, a site survey and guestbook.
Roehlkepartain, Jolene
A writer and parent educator's site which has the latest publication news, a biography, journal, contact details, some downloadable material and images.
Rogers, Stephen D.
Brief bibliography and links to online fiction. Provides a monthly updated reprint and a short 'how-to' article.
Rohm, Wendy Goldman
An investigative journalist, poet, playwright and author. Information provided includes news, reviews, events, bibliographical material, biography and contact information.
Rothman, David H.
Author of The Solomon Scandals, a novel inspired partly by the deadly Skyline collapse in Northern Virginia.
Rumpf, Eva Augustin
Information about author Eva Augustin Rumpf and the books she has published, and the text of published articles about the craft of writing.
Russell, Carolyn
Excerpts from 'Beyond the Lies', contact material, web ring, reviews, biography and links.
Rutter, Troy
Author of "Kids in the Biz: A Hollywood Handbook for Parents." Details provided of publications as well as a weblog, resume, gallery, links, a web design portfolio and contact material.
Sambrano, k.g.
The author's personal site, featuring writings, short stories, poetry, and various multi-media and downloads.
Sienkiewicz, Linda K.
Writer and artist provides biography, artwork and credits.
Silver, Marisa
Official site, containing excerpts, reviews, upcoming events, and a biography.
Sloan, Bob
Samplings of the Kentucky author's writing and commentary.
Stephen Fried
Offers first chapter of the biography, photo gallery, and FAQ.
Suzanne Noguere
Biography, book excerpts, and online artwork of the poet and children's author.
Taylor, Drew Hayden
Native Canadian author, humorist, and playwright: "the blue-eyed Ojibwa." Biography, production lists, publications, awards.
Thompson, L G
Scottish thriller writer. Includes profile and reviews.
Upadhyay, Shri Harilal
Tribute to Shri Harilal Upadhyay, one of the greatest Gujarati authors.
Vater, Tom
Articles, books, and photographs of this travel writer.
Walls, Kathleen
Author of fiction and nonfiction. Book list, biography, image gallery, printable calendar, events schedule, and tips.
Webber, Heather S.
Author of the Nina Quinn mystery series, and historical romance. Newsletter, backlist, author profile, links collection, and weblog spots.
Wesselmann, Debbie Lee
Home of author of "Captivity,""Trutor and the Balloonist" and "The Earth and the Sky". Offers book excerpts, biography and writing tips, as well as instruction for writers of fiction , memoirs, creative nonfiction.
West, Raven
Author of contemporary fiction; writes nonfiction as Robin C. Westmiller. Title list, short stories, and articles; media appearances and interviews, biography, events schedule, book reviews, writing tip articles, and organization links.

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