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Anderson, Laurie Halse
Official website includes author and book information, and speaking schedule.
Auseon, Andrew
Official site; with news, a biography, and reviews of 'Funny Little Monkey'.
Baldwin, Juanitta
Includes short biography, contact information, and links.
Banerjee, Anjali
Official site of 'Maya Running' running; with an appearance schedule, reviews and biography.
Barrett, Tracy
The website maintained by Tracy Barrett, author of children's books.
Campagna, Phil
Canadian author of novels for young adults, including The Freedom Run and The Liberty Circle.
Churchill, David
Author's profile, excerpts, reviews, and merchandise.
Cremer, Andrea
Official site of the author of the Nightshade trilogy, also known as The Witches War. Fantasy. Biography, FAQ, blog, advice for those who want to be writers.
Dunkle, Clare B.
Official site of the author of 'Hollow Kingdom' trilogy; with writing tips, and a biography.
Evans, Douglas
Includes a biography, book information, and a schedule of the author's school visits.
Farmer, Gayle
Gayle Farmer writes young adult stories about horses and show jumping.
Fergus, John B.
John B. Fergus is author of Stories from Exeter High School
Fleischman, Paul
The Newbery Medalist's web site, offering a biography, articles, bibliography, event listings, and excerpts.
Gamer, Ron
Minnesota author, former teacher, writes adventure stories set in the wilderness along the U.S.-Canadian border. His books, information for teachers.
Garden, Nancy
Official site, book descriptions, biographical material, information about school and conference visits, and tips for beginning writers.
Gifford, Nick
Official site; with a biography and extracts.
Heneghan, James
Official site; with a biography, synopses, and reviews.
Isdell, Wendy
Official young adult author website including a section of writer's links as well as photos.
Jacobson, Jennifer
Official website includes author, book, and speaking information plus resources for writers.
Keaney, Brian
Official site of the 'Jacob's Ladder' author; with extracts, synopses, and a biography.
Kelly Martin, C. K.
Official site; with a biography, and a weblog.
Kerr, M. E.
Educational resources for young adult literature author M.E. Kerr and her alter ego, children's books author Mary James. Includes interview, biography, bibliography, references, comments, book summaries, and discussion group.
Lockhart, E.
Home to author of The Boyfriend List, Fly on the Wall, and other books. Includes book excerpts, and links to other authors.
Nathan, Amy
Official site of a non-fiction writer; with synopses and a biography.
Peck, Richard
Teacher's site contains information and web resources about the author.
Penguin Random House - Lawrence, Iain
Introduces the author of Lord of the Nutcracker Men and The High Seas Trilogy. Includes biographical sketch and reviews.
Provoost, Anne
Official site; with a biography, bibliography, synopses and essays. [English, French, Dutch, German]
Qualey, Marsha
(Official site) Minnesota writer talks about her young adult fiction.
Ripslinger, Jon
Includes author biography and book information.
Rompella, Natalie
Children's author based in Illinois.
Ryan, Sara
Weblog for the author of the young-adult novel, Empress of the World.
Sensel, Joni
Author of children's and young-adult books, including Reality Leak and The Humming of Numbers
Slade, Arthur G.
A site about the author and his bestselling Northern Frights series of books for young adults.
Smith, Sherri L.
Official website for the author of young adult novels, including Lucy The Giant
Stolarz, Laurie Faria
Author of a series of novels about a young witch who tries to prevent her nightmares from coming true. Biography, book summaries, FAQs, news.
Swanson, Julie A.
Official site; with a biography, synopses and writing tips.
Tyler, Val
The official site of the author of the children's book The Time Wreccas.
Welcome to 415 Raspberry Picket
R.L. Patterson, fantasy writer for teen and young adult readers.
Werlin, Nancy
Official website for the young adult author.
Whan, Steve: Autumn Jade Publishing
Heroine Autumn Jade, who was adopted from China, solves an exciting mystery, assisted by vivid dreams of Shanghai in the 1930s.
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