Author Profile: Tim O'Brien briefly profiles the author and offers an interview from 1998.
An Index to "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien
The pagination in this index is based on the paperback edition of "The Things They Carried," New York: Broadway, 1998.
Metafiction and O'Brien's "The Things They Carried"
This essay by Michele Friedlander argues that O'Brien's book "comments not only upon the war, but also upon the actual art of fiction: the means of storytelling, the purposes behind them, and ultimately the relationship between fiction and reality itself." (Spring 2000)
Tim O'Brien - An Introduction to His Writing
Ken Lopez writes that O'Brien is widely recognized as the preeminent American novelist of the Vietnam experience and his novels have gained widespread critical and significant popular success because of their ability to translate the experience of wartime into perspectives on the largest questions of life and death. (1997)
Tim O'Brien and American National Identity: A Vietnam Veteran's Imagined Self in "The Things They Carried"
A paper given by Lynn Wharton at a conference on National Identities, held at King Alfred College, Winchester, England, in September 1999. [.PDF]
Tim O'Brien, Novelist
Webpages dedicated to author and Vietnam Veteran O'Brien include information on his novels and short story collections, scheduled public appearances, and links to online interviews and audio recordings of readings, as well as other information related to the author and his works.
Writing Vietnam: Keynote Address
Tim O'Brien's President's Lecture at Brown University, 21 April 1999.
War and War: Love in the Postmodern War Fiction of Tim O'Brien
Paper by Minka Paraskevova and Yordan Kosturkov presented at postmodern de/constructions, the 5th Interdisciplinary, International Graduate Conference at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg. (November 22, 2002)
The Heart Under Stress: Interview with Author Tim O'Brien
Gadfly Magazine interview with Tim O'Brien by James Lindbloom. (March 10, 1999)
Trap-doors and Tunnels
Richard von Busack writes that in the novels of Tim O'Brien, all roads lead back to the Vietnam War. (October 19, 1995)
"How to Tell a True War Story": Metafiction in "The Things They Carried"
This essay by Catherine Calloway appeared in Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. Calloway argues that "the stories become epistemological tools, multidimensional windows through which the war, the world, and the ways of telling a war story can be viewed from many different angles and visions." (June 01, 1995)
Plausibility of Denial: Tim O'Brien, My Lai, and America
H. Bruce Franklin writes that Tim O'Brien explores our denial of the realities of the Vietnam War and American society. Originally in The Progressive. (December 01, 1994)
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