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Twas in the year 1877 and in Dundee's holiday week
When a weaver named McGonagall began his fortune for to seek
He took his pen and wrote a verse about Gilfillan of Dundee
And thus began a career of great notoriety For William's muse drew him to write on subjects grave and sad
And the fruits of his labours were so uniformly bad
That many men of learning are often heard to say
That McGonagall is quite the worst poet of his own or any other day If you read his dreadful verse, you'll find after a while
That upon your lips you'll scarce be able to suppress a smile
So three cheers for McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian
Bonny Dundee's favourite son, and finest of comedians. -- Chris Hunt, category editor
(after William McGonagall)

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