Lily James was born in 1972 in Detroit, studied classical piano, violin, and clarinet, pursued an active and successful horse show career, and graduated from high school as a National Merit Scholar in 1989. She went to Bowling Green State University on a full scholarship, and after graduating in 1993 she went on to do a Masters degree in English at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her Masters Thesis, The Great Taste of Straight People, was published in 1997 by Black Ice Books. Lily has been invited to give readings at numerous bookstores in Chicago, and while promoting her first book she also read in Denver, San Francisco, and St. Louis. She has written music reviews for Alternative Press, movie reviews for TNT RoughCut, and a relationship advice column for the Playboy-owned Rouze web site. At the age of 24, with an M.A. in English under her belt, Lily took two years off to get married, start a web design business called Rock Paper Scissors Design, and launch The Postfeminist Playground, a highly successful online journal of postfeminism. The Postfeminist Playground became an all-consuming project, as for two years Lily wrote daily columns and edited monthly content on topics concerning smart sexy women who no longer relate to feminist agendas. She also did all the web design and implementation for the magazine. Lily returned to the University of Illinois to pursue her Ph.D., but after two years of study and writing her first novel, she got pregnant and moved to Virginia with her husband. There she finished off her novel, High Drama in Fabulous Toledo, which is coming out from FC2 in April 2001. She now lives with her husband and baby in Columbia, South Carolina.
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