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Rod L. Griffon was born in Austin, Texas on April 26, 1966 to Rene' and Olga Balli. Soon after, his parents divorced and within a few years, after two failed marriages, Olga found herself raising three children on her own. The middle child, Rod gladly found himself helping his mother around the house and taking care of the youngest child (Joe). A natural in sports, he loved baseball and you could often find him playing in the fields of his nearby apartment or in the local city league until he found martial arts at the age of fourteen. By twelve his mother had remarried giving him his second step-father in a relationship that would last for over sixteen years before divorcing again. Forever creating in life, Rod was always doing something, whether playing sports, drawing, writing, or acting with friends. At the age of fifteen he received his first black belt in martial arts just prior to the family moving back to his step-dads home town of Dortches NC. That year, while still a freshman in junior high he started his own martial arts school in Rocky Mt. North Carolina and was probably one of the youngest people to ever do so. His school ran for two years before finally moving to Florida. Later in life, in three divisions, he went on to become a five time Florida state champion in two different leagues as well as a world weapons 1st place winner at the prestigious US Open World Karate Championships. In high school his electives were drama, art and typing as well as physical education. Seeking a better life, at seventeen he dropped out of high school moving to Florida, with the promise to his mother that he would finish. He kept that promise almost seven years later by obtaining his G.E.D. at the Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.
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