Portfolios of cartoonists. Some may also be graphic artists or illustrators, but their main focus should be cartoons.

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Almeida, Arnaldo
Specializing in medical, business, safety, and general cartoons and comic strips.
Arnold, Michael
Online portfolio with cartoon characters, storyboards, editorial illustration.
Auger, Michael
Freelance artist creates custom humorous illustration and creative design for print and web.
Bacall, Aaron
Professional cartoons and humorous illustration.
Freelance cartoonist and illustrator specialising in comic illustration for advertising, editorial, publishing and design clients.
Blackwell, Douglas
Freelance cartoonist/illustrator for magazines, newspapers, business, and web sites. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Brooks, Rosie
Cartoonist and illustrator based in London UK. Work includes children's books, BBC Comic Relief, WHSmith, Guardian, Texaco Garages.
Bucella, Marty
Sorted by category including business, medical, tax, lawyer, education, seasonal, animal, sports, computer, and family cartoons.
Burns, Shannon
Cartoons, humorous illustrations, and logo design for print and online market.
Cartoon India
Selection of illustrations from the artist Tulal.
Clydesdale, Thomas
Artworks, doodles, and information about the late cartoonist.
Coghill, George
This Kent, Ohio based freelance illustrator shows a portfolio of humorous 2D cartoon art.
Cohen, Judge
Humorous illustration and cartoons for business, advertising, editorial and greeting cards.
Cornejo, Santiago (Corne)
Cartoons, illustrations and comic strips by the Argentinean artist.
Dorchak, Greg
Promotion site for cartoonist, writer, and actor.
Edwards, Cathy
Cartoons, illustrations, and comic strips by Australian artist.
Ferguson, Ray
Humor illustrations for children books and spot drawings.
Portfolio, offering single panel cartoons.
Glitschka, Von
Humorous and stylized cartoon illustration specialist. [Flash]
Gorman, Stan
Humorous cartoon illustrations for business, including comics and video game industries.
Granlund, Dave
Galleries of editorial cartoons and illustrations; includes syndication information.
Gray, Steve
Specializing in cartoon illustrations, done in traditional media.
Jim Boswell Art Gallery
Freelance artist available for work. Specialising in cartoons, comic strips, magazine and book covers.
Johnson., Alton, Jr.
Cartoon illustrations created and designed for you from concept to completion. For websites, logos, magazines, newspapers, and brochures.
Kadel, Patty
Creates cartoons, greetings cards, funny pictures and product labels.
Klug, Dave
Humorous cartoon illustrations of people and animals for print and Web.
Kovaleski, John
Humorous illustration and cartoons for advertising, editorial, children's publications and the web
Latulippe, Luc
Vancouver artist, specializing in colorful and stylized cartoon illustration. Also offers web design and branding.
Lee, Steward
Animator/Storyboard artist for commercial ads, TV series, and features. Biography and resume.
Illustration with a food theme for animated and multimedia projects.
Marsden, Ian
Humorous and children's illustrator and cartoonist.
May, Dave
Custom drawn cartoons of anything for any application.
McMahon, Bob
Cartoon style color and b/w line-art storyboards, Web art, and educational illustrations.
Miller, Robert M.
Animal Cartoons by 'RMM' - Robert M. Miller, DVM. Featuring cartoons about dogs, cats, horses and other pets.
Mooney, Scott
Examples of digitally produced cartoon style illustrations.[Flash]
Moran, Mike
Illustrations and cartoons for commercial print.
Myrick, Leland
Gallery of black and white and color illustrations. Includes bibliography.
O'Brien, Willo
Offers cartoon illustration, animation, and Web and Flash design.
Parsons, Guy
Graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. His work is all digitally produced.
Robertson, Royston
Freelance UK cartoonist, published in Private Eye, Punch, New Statesman, and Times Metro.
Robinson, Bruce
Cartoonist living in Florida, author of the Good Medicine cartoon book.
Shamray, Gerry
Humor writer and artist, known for his work in American Splendor with Harvey Pekar, and John Darling with Tom Batiuk.
Shelly, Jeff
Cartoon style pen and ink illustrations of people, animals and wacky characters for editorials, educational, advertising, information brochures, books and greeting cards.
Shovel, Martin
Colored pencil cartoons and humorous illustrations.
Sias, Ryan
Cartoons featuring 'Silent Kimbly' and work for the documentary "Bowling for Columbine".
Sipple, Dan
Heavily stylised digital cartoon illustrations and flash animations of people and funny characters for print and the web.
Smallwood, Steve
Cartoons and humorous illustrations for traditional and digital media.
Smith, Elwood H.
Portfolio of light hearted pen and ink cartoon editorial illustrations and a 'western' animated cartoon story. Stock is also available.
Smith, Rob
Editorial cartoons, caricature, and advertising cartooning.
Spooner, Joe
Resume and samples of work: cartoons, illustration, page layout and some animation.
Sutherland, Nigel
A showcase for the work of this British cartoonist, whose cartoons are published in the tabloid newspapers.
Tonin, Piero
Single frame cartoons, for those with a silly mind.
Ulaj, Visar
Satire cartoonist provides portfolio and publications.
Walburg, Tim
Church and family oriented cartoons.
Waligorski, Michael
Cartoons and illustrations.
Ward, Andy
London artist specializing in cartoons, animation, and comic books.
Yattiliis, Andy
Captioned cartoon illustration samples, descriptions and commentary. Included are comic strip and caricature presentations.
Yeagle, Dean
Professional cartoonist, animator, illustrator, and producer/director with Caged Beagle Productions, Inc., his animation company.
Zagari, Mike
Comic hero style illustrations using computer generation and tradition mediums. Also includes flash animations and a daily picture gallery.
Zaikowski, Brian
Cartoons and charity poster art; custom cartooning available.
Zero, João
Colourful cartoons about Brazilian way of life.
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