Stories and belief of unicorns are ancient. Though in modern times they are considered to be white horses with one horn protruding from the forehead, they have in history and fiction taken on many different colours and shapes from wolflike to monstrous beasts. In the simplest terms, a unicorn is a creature, being, or beast with a horn or horns protruding from the head (forwards, backwards, or otherwise). There are plenty of fantastical variations.

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Are You a Unicorn
Book by Roy Wilkinson; review of the book; poetry and unicorn moments shared by visitors.
Britannica Concise: Unicorn
Encyclopedic resource about the mythical creature; plants, animals, and insects who share the name.
The GuardHouse: Britannica The Unicorn
Fantasy story in the form of an encyclopedic entry, with historical and folklore inspirations; quotes section.
The Lady and the Unicorn
Fiction novel by author Tracy Chevalier; a chapter and reviews; background history on the tapestries’ creation, the Le Viste family, and medieval symbolism.
Lair2000: Unicorn Dreams
Fantasy, myths, tales, theories, made by man, and magic; depictions, animations, music, activities, and photographs of historic art.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Unicorn Tapestries
History, video, audio, and photographs where they reside at The Cloisters, a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Unicorn constellation; artwork with an interactive star chart overlay depicting the location of the stars in the night sky.
Unicorn Dream
Perspectives of both unicorns and humans; a bibliography; unicorn and equine artwork.
Unicorn Island
Poetry, quotes, articles, gallery, booklist, and a list of artists.
Unicorn Jelly
Manga comic strip by Jennifer Diane Reitz; full story and games.
Wikipedia: Unicorn
An encyclopedic definition and resource on history, heraldry, antiquity, classic art, myth and fiction.
Wikipedia: Qilin, Kirin
An encyclopedic definition on these Chinese and Japanese mythological creatures.
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