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This is a category for Vampires and those who have an interest in them. All sites in this category should be built towards furthering peoples experience in the vampire web community.

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Book of the Dead
Mainly dealing with Vampire: The Masquerade. It also has poetry and photographs.
Brider - Vampire Hunter
Message forums and a web journal keep visitors informed and included in the search for knowledge.
Chylder's Lair
Free-form online fantasy roleplaying, fantasy art and vampire pictures, poetry and prose.
Vampires, Lilith, artwork, poetry, friends.
Crypt of Vampires
Lists books, theater, gallery, web ring and links.
DarkAngel's Haven
I am the DarkAngel,Slayer of Slayers, Reeping death upon those who betray me, Or my kind of the Lasombra, The DarkSouls
Vampires, Voodoo, Witchcraft, Cemeteries
Dreams and Visions of an Invisible Boy
Simple page with some great links.
Enter a world of a mixed up human, trapped between reality and dreams.
The Encyclopedia
Features news, reviews, stories, pictures, archives and links.
Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency
Spoof agency responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations from 1868 to 1975. Features academy, director profile, agency background and creature information.
Kat's Everything Page
My name is Kat and this is my home page with all my Vampire and role playing links attatched.
Kiss of the Vampire
LJ Smith and other Vampire fan fiction, original fiction, poetry, art, and contests for writing.
Lady of the Damned's Coven
This page is about Lady of the Damned. It contains poems, short stories, and SPECS based on Anne Rice's Vampires and her Chronicles. All are welcome both mortal and immortal. Embrace both the light and the night.
Mabelyn Arteaga - Scarlet Sanctuary
Photographs, Sketches, Poems, Live-Action Vampire Theatre, Film.
Pain's Palace
This Fantasy World Is Where My Mind Can Grow, and Enjoy. A world Of Vampires, Love, Anger, Frustration, Desire, And Sorrow.
Powers Court
Mausoleum de Sangue entrance.
Queer Vampires
A site devoted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered vampires. Contains book and movie reviews, stories, pictures, links and general information.
Tenebrous Kate's Home Page
Get your dose of Art, Gothic, and Horror info and humor--test your Gothic Quotient, get audited for Vampirism, and check out the lovely and talented Horror Divas!
Tinsil86's homepage
Vampires and stories of 86. The dimension they don't want you to know about. Also, another story I wrote on Gothic freaks in the world, and love-hate relationships.
Offers information and history about vampires including theories on creation, death, types, and names. Specializing in Ricean beliefs.
Vampire Connection
Anne Rice information, characters, fan fiction, novels, films and movies, roleplaying and message boards.
The Vampire Hunter's Guild
Reviews of movies, books, music, games and other horror-related media, articles on vampire mythology and history.
Vampire Junction
Art, writtings, shopping, and links.
Vampire Moon
This is a book on about the vampire named Vern.
History of vampires, message board, personal views.
Veyanne's Fear
Veyanne balances the mundane aspects of life with a darker nightlife. Information on the Vampyre clan Vitae Dominae.
Xavier Cross' Vampire
Take the vampire probability test.
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