Arts Entertainment Resources
Overviews of entertainment media, providing information and opinion from a variety of different sources and in several formats, such as reviews, interviews, forums, or listings.
Entertain Your Brain
News, reviews, and information for fans of movies, television, music, books, and video games.
The Funkier Than Thou Network
Music, art, essays, and reviews from a community of artists, writers, musicians, and fans with a hip-hop perspective. Includes message board.
Covers Hollywood and the motion picture industry with content including video clips, trailers, soundbites, photos, games, celebrities, news, and event coverage.
Incredible TV and Movies
Includes program and film information with photos and show summaries.
Information Please Entertainment Almanac
Features data on awards, stars, celebrities, TV, music, movies, and theater. Includes statistics and biographies.
The Listology
User-contributed, searchable collection of music, movie, and book lists. Includes reviews and commentary.
Majin Planet Productions
News and reviews on movies, video games, community discussions and anime. Includes trailers, tutorials and downloads.
Dedicated to covering the many-headed hydra that is today's pop culture. Includes news, reviews, and discussion of movies, DVDs, television, music, books, toys, and games. [RSS]
Pazsaz Entertainment Network
News and database of information on flms, television shows, cartoons, and theme parks.
Pop Culture Madness
Features entertainment news, reviews and interviews
Focuses on the British entertainment scene. Includes commentary and analysis related to films, television, and people.
Space of Lumpen
Features articles, music samples, online radio stations, and independent short films, plus concert, performer, and DJ information.
Talking Pictures
Movie and celebrity news, reviews of films and entertainment-related books, articles, interviews, and commentary.
Taste Kid
Recommendations for music, movies and books that are similar or related to the user's preferences. Provides information and/or video or audio samples related to recommendations.
Top Ten Lists
Focuses on topics ranging from movies to music, games to sports.
Focuses on underground entertainment and culture. Includes games and streaming media.
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