This category is for sites that contain vocabulary and/or grammar material for English as a Second Language (ESL) resources for students.

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A collection of adjectives.
Apostrophe Protection Society
Rules and examples for the correct use of apostrophes in plurals and possessives.
Common Errors in English
An alphabetical listing, with explanations and examples, of commonly misused words.
More than 11000 verbs with their variants; multilingual conjugations.
Verb conjugation tables for thousands of English verbs. 100% free resource with audio pronunciation guide and practice feature.
Easy English Vocabulary
Common prefixes, suffixes, Greek and Latin roots, examples and pronunciation help.
English for Techies
Bilingual French online database of technical language and vocabulary.
English Genie
Grammar, vocabulary, writing exercises and practice, includes forum with teachers as administrators.
English Grammar Blog
Free grammar lessons, exercises, and grammar rules review.
English Irregular Verbs
Irregular verbs, with support in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German and French.
English Language Materials
Online shop for English, German and French language tables.
English Page
Grammar and vocabulary exercises, tutorials, dictionaries and resources for intermediate and advanced learners.
English Quizzes
Interactive exercises rated according to difficulty.
English Tenses
Self-study website with simple diagrams and quizzes. The site also includes written explanations of each tense as well as a 'test yourself' section.
English with Kirsty
This blog is regularly updated with content for learners of English as a second language, particularly those who are interested in business English. Articles are on topics such as vocabulary for specific situations at work, grammar, punctuation, idioms, language learning techniques and language explanations.
Free English Lessons
Offers grammar and vocabulary lessons, highlighting common mistakes language learners make.
God Save the Subjunctive
Defines the subjunctive mood with examples and links.
Grammar Source
Blog for advanced ESL students and native language users.
GrammarBank Learn English
Free grammar lessons, exercises, worksheets, tests, quizzes.
Free online grammar checker with error explanations.
The Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide to sentence parts, punctuation, vocabulary building, with leveled quizzes online.
A free resource for learning English vocabulary and grammar. All vocabulary has one-click pronunciation.
Learn English Today
Business language, idioms, exercises and links to news articles and recommended books.
Learning Chocolate
Illustrated exercises for beginners.
Learning English Together!
Forums, chat rooms, daily lessons, study guides, and articles.
Linguapress English Grammar
Leveled exercises, study guides, short stories and word games.
Noel's ESL eBook Library
Popular books available as free downloads. Vocabulary Builder
Teaches vocabulary by adjusting to your level and reviewing words so that you master them.
Perfect English Grammar
Study exercises and quizzes.
Positive Thesaurus
Dictionary and collection of positive words in English.
Purdue Online Workshop, ESL
Printable handouts, reference sheets and practice exercises.
Sentence Master English Writing
Sentence writing games and exercises.
Sheppard Software: Language Arts Games
Quiz activities including SAT / GRE practice.
Virtual Writing Tutor
Check your English spelling, punctuation and grammar using this free online grammar checker.
VOA: Learning English
The Voice of America (VOA) is an international multimedia broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government. Uses simple words and sentences in these particular broadcasts.
Predicts what words you don't know and teaches them to you.
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