ESL schools that operate solely in California, USA.

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Accurate English
Offering accent reduction and American pronunciation training.
American Academy of English
Intensive ESL for all levels, TOEFL and TOEIC test preparation and business English. Continuous enrollment. San Francisco.
American Language and Culture Institute
English language programs for students who wish to attend colleges and universities in the United States. San Marcos.
California State University
An eight-week intensive English language program offered six times a year for students with academic or professional goals, including passing the TOEFL for entrance into an American university. Los Angeles.
California State University Fullerton - American Language Program
Academic and professional English language instruction designed to prepare international students for university study.
College of English Language
ESL instruction in conversation, vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and pronunciation. Also offers accommodation guidance. San Diego.
Converse International School of Languages
Offers ESL courses for international students, professionals, and executives in San Diego and San Francisco, California.
Diversified Vocational College
ESL and TOEFL preparation, with private programs available. Los Angeles.
Golden Gate Language Schools
Offers classes for TOEFL and college preparation, English for business purposes, American culture, and conversation year-round in a 12-level program.
Intensive English Program at CSUN
Accommodates all levels of English preparing students to enter an American college or university. Offers six, 7-week sessions year round. Northridge.
Language Pacifica
Classes in college, TOEFL and Cambridge preparation, guidance on accommodation, information on fees and registration and student testamonials.
Language Systems International
Intensive ESL courses at 7 levels, TOEFL and GMAT preparation and a university entrance preparation course. Several schools in the Los Angeles metro area.
Classes in general ESL for beginner to advanced and TOEFL preparation. Private tutoring is also available. Los Angeles.
Language and intercultural training for businesses, public courses on many aspects of ESL learning and workshops for professionals. Sunnyvale.
Poly Languages Institute
Offers English as a Second Language ESL in Los Angeles, Irvine and Pasadena.
Poly Languages Institute
TOEFL and general ESL classes with evening courses also available with services to aid foreign students. Los Angeles.
ProActive English
Offers customized business English courses, either on-site or in small group classes at the school. Designed for professionals working in American business. San Francisco.
San Diego State University - American Language Institute
Offers year-round intensive English programs.
San Jose State University - Studies in American Language
Intensive English, TOEFL preparation, culture and communication, and online classes for international students. Housing opportunities are also available.
USC Language Academy Intensive English Program
Intensive English, English and American culture program for both adults and children, TEFL teacher training, English for nursing students and professionals, and customized group programs. Los Angeles.
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