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Related categories 4 pranksters and hacktivists. Hosts Art.Teleportacia by Olia Lialina, and remixes of other sites.
200ok & Linktanks
Complex Shockwave art projects.
Participatory examination of the American criminal justice system that uses first-person stories, interactive data, and discussion to take a critical look at who is in prison today and why.
Allan, James
Net art and performance residue.
Animated pseudo-code, video and poetry in a self described metaphysical pit of the new millennium.
At Any Time
An interesting net experience that will take you roughly 2 minutes to complete.
Baldwin, Lew: Redsmoke
Redsmoke was launched in 1995 as a vehicle for a fictitious rock band. Includes Platters, an episodic story about a man who finds evidence of a programmed human worker.
Benjah 01xy
A collection of experiments and broken looking spasmodic animations.
Benjamin, Ben: Superbad
The output of a San Francisco based graphic designer using DHTML.
Berzowska, Joanna: Computational Expressionism
A gallery of applets that allow the user to create images in tandem with the arist's algorithmical presets, and an "active essay" outlining the theory and giving embedded examples.
Includes projects Rhiz-o-mat, Anomie, aesthetic transfixion.
The Body Internet
Interdisciplinary artist, Kenneth Hemmerick, offers a gallery dealing with information found on the Internet.
Artist Glen Murphy documents his explorations in visual computation.
Brace, Brad
Contemporary visual art projects.
Bunting, Heath:
'Irationalists' create work that pushes the boundaries between the corporate realms of business, art and engineering.
The Central City
Interactive labyrinth based on the organic and emergent patterns of cities. By Stanza.
A growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and time. By Ariel Malka.
The Cities of Anacropolis
Based on a concept of urban development and the principle "nothing is constant except change".
Cooper, Shane
Contains several interactive pieces, including a simulated webcam and chatroom, and an anonymous voice synthesis announcement system.
Crowds and Power
Crowds and Power uses mediated images to explore the relationship between space, memory, and territory. Windows containing image fragments emphasize the displacement of individuals and the transformation of urban space.
Davis, Joshua
'PrayStation', 2003.
Deck, Andy
Experimental web interfaces using Java. Collaborative drawings, search engines, games and puzzles that run in your Java-enabled browser.
Deck, Andy: Artcontext
A hybrid of telecommunication, drawing, and conceptual art. Within the projects of Artcontext people can behave creatively and collaboratively, communicating and at the same time, substantially modifying and revising what will be the experience of the site for future participants.
Experimental project showing the viewer the society in the eyes of the editor.
Dextro and Lia: Turux
Experiments using Director.
Online collaborative of San Francisco based artists experimenting in digital design and technological diversions.
Where digital dreams come true.
Migratory web poetics of Fung Lin Hall.
A large body of work, ranging from flash experimentation to software art.
Formed in 1996 by Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa.
Faesser, Roland
Contemporary digital images with a bent to a bizarre and peculiar reality, performance and motion.
Live performances in real time and later exhibiting extracts from these performances in what founder Jeff Gompertz describes as a series of 'multimedia tableaux vivants.'
A series of linked animations and interactive experiences.
Interactive art, audiovisual performance and other experimental projects by Golan Levin and collaborators.
Frank, Adam
Displays a growing collection of experimental fine art made specifically for the web.
Goldberg, Ken: Ouija 2000
Commissioned by the art museum at UoC, Berkeley. Equates occult mysticism with the web, illustrating the mystification of new technologies and an uncritical reliance on the Internet as a source of information.
Greenwood, Steven
Net and media art projects.
Harvey, Auriea and Samyn, Michael: Entropy8Zuper!
Immersive using Flash and Java.
Spoken word and video/flash poetry with an unusual edge.
Hise, Steev
The Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery netcasts an algorithmically generated sound collage.
Hunziker, Esther: Unfocus
Quicktime and shockwave required for this X-Cult hosted project.
The HypArt Project
A single picture is created by several people. The image is divided into squares and each artist contributes one of them to the final picture.
Institut für Telenautik
The experimental broadcasting studio of Artschool Hamburg. Live streaming with the possibility of international contribution.
Jevbratt, Lisa: 1to1
Interfaces/visualizations which explore the formal qualities of the web in relation to the larger network of which it is part: the Internet.
Joseph, Chris
Digital fiction and art, including visual poetry, interactive video and non-linear fiction.
Knaven, Michiel
Art projects including "a polyphonic chronicle", an imaginary journey, started in 1993, within the fields of music and visual arts.
German online art experience.
Minimalist interactive net experiments.
Lialina, Olia: My Boyfriend Came Back From The War
By Russian net artist, critic and curator Olia Lialina.
Liu See-le, Victor: The Slow Arrow of Beauty
Java applet which scours the Internet for related textual content, and presents the information in several simultaneous cascades.
Loseby, Jessica : Sketchbook
Collected works of UK artist whose work centres around the cyber-domestic aesthetic, combining words, animations and sometimes sound. Flash and Shockwave.
Mark Amerika: Phon:E:Me
State-of-the-art web project, sponsored by the Walker Art Center and the Australia Council for the Arts.
The Thirteen year-old Mouchette gives users an opportunity on each page to share their impressions of the site. Recent projects include "Suicide Kit" and "Flesh&Blood."
Explore six membrane-spanning alpha-helical domains.
Napier, Mark:
Includes the Shredder, Digital Landfill, Riot, Pulse, and cBots.
O-O, Institutio Media
An experimental attempt to transfer an institution into the Internet and study its functioning in the Web.
The Plaintext Players
An online performance group using text-based virtual worlds to pioneer a new improvisational art form.
Black and white Shockwave projects allowing the visitor to create images as well as view previous images.
s.EXE Interactives - Visual Sequencer
Visual sequencer by Christina Goestl, Renée Mussai, Clitoressa and Friends. Individual interaction on web; documentation of installation exhibited at Ars Electronica 2001.
Simon, John F.: Every Icon
Generates every possible combination of black-and-white squares in a grid of 32 x 32 beginning with all white squares and ending with all black. On an average computer, it would take several hundred trillion years for the process to conclude.
Images melt into each other like a slideshow. Click the # and other images move and morph, responding unpredictably to playful and mouseclicks. Sound, interaction.
Sobell, Nina and Hartzell, Emily: ParkBench
Performance, experimenting with the Web to discover its potential for creative, collaborative expression, and to explore and sculpt the boundaries between physical space and cyberspace.
Sounds and Colors
Intended to become a worldwide sound/color collage. Provides an array of sounds, colors and letters to be associated in pairs or triples.
Distributed web based artwork exploring issues of surveillance, tracking and covert activity on the web in an interactive website based on the conventions of computer games.
Stromajer, Igor: Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator
Navigational movie from the creator of the Intima Virtual Base.
Random playground with mysterious/abstract interactions that create beautiful "accidents" and collisions.
Theodorou, Lina
Selection of internet art work by contemporary artist Lina Theodorou.
This is friendchip
Interactive sound machines, self generating animations, sites for kraftwerk, scanner, and 13amp.
Fun and addictive flash artwork by artist Patrick Smith.
A Virtual Memorial
Memorial project created by Agricola de Cologne within his NewMedia art project network.
Weintraub, Annette: Sampling Broadway
Virtual tour of downtown Manhattan. Compares the city to media space by contrasting images of Broadway with animations, text, narration, and sounds of the street.
Open source experimental texture generation created with java.
Zanni, Carlo
Central page for desktop artist.
Zeleznikar, Jaka
Information about the artist and links to his digital art (net art) works.
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