Artists working with digital media, in performance and installation.

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Cahen, Xavier
Poetical and social self-portrait of Xavier Cahen. Website shows his self-portrait as a flash/video sequence and it is the way to lead the viewer into the artist's world.
Artist Jonah Brucker-Cohen, whose main focus is on performance-centered subversive networks and interfaces.
Eddie d
Information on and examples of the work of this Dutch video and media artist, which has produced several interactive installations.
Griem, Oliver
Video, installation, performance and sound works of a German media-artist living and working in Korea.
Hahn, Alexander
Electronic media artist Alexander Hahn, working with 3-D, video and virtual reality technologies.
Haig, Ian
Works across media from interactive installation, video, web art and sculpture. Body obsessed themes. Melbourne, Australia.
Igoe, Tom
NYC-based artist and lecturer: stage lighting and video design, interactive installations, and physical computing.
Kac, Eduardo
Multimedia, communications and biological artist. Includes biographical information, links to various online artwork and publications.
Keisuke Oki art_data
Tokyo-based digital artist. Photographs, videos and writings on his artworks: installation and interactive programs.
Langebartels, Rolf
The website of Berlin artist Rolf Langebartels and Art Association Giannozzo - a collection of items relating to Sound Art.
Merritt, David J.
Portfolio and resume. Includes digital drawings, performance documents, and thoughts by the artist.
Paglen, Trevor
Sound/video/installation artist, writer, and cultural geographer working out of the Department of Geography at the University of California at Berkeley.
Australian-based performance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology through human/machine interfaces incorporating the Internet and Web, sound, music, video and computers.
Stern, Nathaniel
Artist who uses digital and traditional media to explore the self as unfolding and in process with interactive installation, immersive environments, multimedia performance and digital collage.
Stone, Sandy
Personal, performance, and professional information about the artist.
Wilson, Stephen
Interactive installations exploring technologies such as body sensing, gps, information visualization, conceptual mapping
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