Tapestry is a specific textile construction: "a weft-faced plain weave with discontinuous weft patterning." Tapestry designs are formed by different colored (weft) yarns, which completely cover the foundation (warp) yarns. Other techniques, variations and materials are also combined by some artists to create contemporary tapestries. This category is for sites about handwoven tapestry, techniques, history and care, and about the artists who design and weave them.

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Abramson, Elda
Painter, tapestry weaver and tutor who sells art and organises creative holidays around the world.
Alastair Duncan - Design Fibre ICT
An artist who works primarily with fibre, weave and digital imagery as well as experience working in education. Site features projects, gallery and curriculum vitae.
Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei
Galleries of Archie and Susan's tapestries and current workshops and exhibits.
Artist Liucija Kryzeviciene
Personal web site of artist Liucija Kryzeviciene. Galleries and biography
British Tapestry and Weaving
Bringing British woven tapestry to a wider audience and promoting its development. Galleries, featured artist, history and links.
Contemporary Tapestries by Stephen Knutson
A fiber artist specializing in three-dimensional, hand-woven tapestries. Includes gallery, biography and information on commissioning a custom work.
Contemporary Tapestry Weaving
Designed and handwoven by Ulrika Leander for private collections, corporate offices, public buildings, hospitals and churches.
dill-Kocher, Laurie - Fine Art Textiles
Fiber artist represented in leading private and corporate collections, specializes in Jewish themes. Resume, care suggestions, handwoven throws.
Eilertsen, Anne Marie Nygaard
Tapestry artist from Denmark. Includes statement and process, picture gallery and catalogue of available work.
Ellen O'Leary Tapestries
Seeking to promote this important medium, and to initiate discussion on current and future issues. Includes gallery and exhibit information.
Fine handwoven tapestries and other objects by Olga Fisch, a Hungarian immigrant to Ecuador inspired by indigenous crafts.
Gallery Girard
Rugs and tapestry restoration. Permanent exhibition of antique textiles. Antique dealer, decorator and restorer.
Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies
Organization supports studies of contemporary tapestries and tapestry-makers. Includes biography of founder Gloria F. Ross, resources and a definition of tapestry.
Griffin, Joan
Gallery and information about original contemporary pieces and instructional classes. Includes resume and procedure for commissioning a tapestry.
Hegyi, Ibolya
Contains the artist's statement, an introduction, gallery and list of exhibitions.
Irina Burlaca
Gallery of artworks: Tapestry, Print kerchief, Decorative artworks.
Koozina, Tatyana
Gallery of hand-woven tapestries from Russia. Includes artist's biography and pictures of the steps in her process.
Krystyna Sadej Tapestry
Dedicated to weaving and mixed media art; includes a portfolio and description of workshop and weaving lessons.
Kunst, Kanstrup
Artist producing primarily landscapes. Background and photos of works.
Romanian artist Mihaela Mirela Grigore. Includes biography, gallery and information on technique.
Moncur, Jennie
Abstract images using vibrant and flat planes of color with detailed shaded areas, as well as gun tufted rugs. Biography, gallery, pictures and history.
Moon Rain Centre for Tapestry Arts
Nonprofit organization in Quebec dedicated to the exhibition and teaching of tapestry arts. History, gallery and contact information.
Paquita Savill
Specialist in tapestry, crewel work and needlepoint restorations. Includes before and after photos, contact information.
The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre
Based in Harrounia, Egypt. Information about the center which teaches young villagers tapestry weaving, exhibitions, tapestries for sale.
Rea-Menzies, Marilyn
Studio of Marilyn Rea-Menzies, artist and tapestry weaver. Includes galleries showing images of tapestries, drawings and other art works, biography and a short history of tapestry
Smith, Rebecca
A collection including florals, landscapes, portraits and abstracts. Artist's statement, gallery and information on classes.
Soumak Tapestries by Joanna Gleason
A form of weft twining is used by this artist to create tapestry-like hangings. Includes some instructions for beginners.
TapCo Tapestry Cooperation
The TapCo (Tapestry Cooperation) shows important events, news, and information of the international tapestry world.
Tapestry of Aubusson and Other Arts
Contemporary tapestries from the renewed French Aubusson, along with arts in other media.
Taschner, Beata
Gallery of this Vienna tapestry artist and painter. Includes gallery, artist statement and list of exhibitions.
Tea Okropiridze
Includes virtual gallery, paintings, biography and contact information.
Tesinska, Jaroslava
This Czech artist uses tapestry not only in the traditional way, but also as clothing and artistic objects.
University of British Columbia Tapestries
Information on three interesting tapestries hanging in the Woodward Biomedical Library of the University of British Columbia. They are "Masters of Science Tapestry," "Masters of Spirit Tapestry," and "The Norman Bethune Tapestry."
van Kempen-Jarnicka, Iska
Dutch painter and weaver. Includes brief biography and gallery of paintings and tapestries.

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