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Handspinning is the craft of creating yarn from fiber, by drawing the fibers out while twisting them. It can by accomplished using a spinning wheel treadled by foot or by hand, or using a drop or support spindle or even more primitive means. This category and its subcategories cover sites about handspinners, equipment, techniques, festivals and events, and types of fiber.

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Company of the Silver Spindle
A Guild operating within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Photo gallery, glossary of terms and a list if spinning deities.
Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild
A group of spinners whose members come to spinning from a variety of fiber arts. Event calendar, membership form, newsletters, tips and tricks.
HJS Studio
Fiber artist Holly Schaltz teaches contemporary interpretations of handspinning and handweaving. Includes class information, teacher biography and description of her process.
Illinois Prairie Spinners
Programs and other information about Illinois Prairie Spinners, a handspinning guild that meets in the western suburbs of Chicago.
Insects that Damage Wool
Description, habits, and treatment of clothes moths and carpet beetles.
Modern History Sourcebook: The Loss of Woollen Spinning, 1794
Social observations on the loss of woollen spinning as a cottage industry in 1794
Northeast Handspinners Association
Dedicated to the art and craft of handspinning in northeast US. Events calendar, information on The Gathering sponsored conference.
Patsy Zawistoski
Teacher and author offering information on her workshops, videos for sale, and online help.
Spinning Loft
A teaching facility dedicated to the promotion of fiber arts. Information about classes, recommended equipment, and events at the farm.
The Spinning Wheel Sleuth
Periodical devoted to spinning wheels and related tools
Articles, projects and resources on handspinning, weaving and fiber crafts, including the author's textile blog.
An Tir: Spinners Guild
Group of spinners operating in the context of the Society for Creative Anachronism. History, bibliography.
Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast
Discussions of handspinning fiber, equipment and technique plus a monthly Spin In with music and stories to spin along with.

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